The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 11 preview teases competitor leaving early, another possibly returning

the challenge host tj lavin in double agents episode 11
The Challenge: Double Agents host TJ Lavin reveals a security breach to the competitors. Pic credit: MTV

Through 10 episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers have not only seen competitors leave due to elimination, but also for other reasons.

That included Nicole Zanatta and Liv Jawanda leaving due to injuries sustained in a mission on top of a speeding truck. It also included an unexpected pregnancy and one competitor deciding it was best for him to exit the show.

Now it appears another competitor may be leaving that way, based on the recent Double Agents Episode 11 preview that MTV unveiled.

Double Agents trailer hints at competitor leaving

After each episode of Double Agents airs, viewers get a sneak peek at what will happen on the show in the next installment. Based on the short trailer clip that arrived Wednesday night, Olympic athlete Lolo Jones has hit her breaking point.

The trailer, which was also shown after the Double Agents Aftermath show, reveals the next daily mission, with Chris “CT” Tamburello’s voice heard in a confessional saying he needs to win to get his Gold Skull. So do several other competitors, including rookies Nam Vo and Lolo Jones.

Unfortunately, in Episode 10 of Double Agents, viewers saw Lolo and Nam arguing once again, as they still couldn’t get on the same page to work as teammates. Lolo basically told Nam she’d give him space for “eternity,” and he walked off.

Lolo also tried to make a plea during the house deliberation to get other castmates to vote her into elimination. Her goal was to win and trade for a different partner. It was a teary-eyed speech, showing how tough things are for her with her partnership in the game. There’s also the added possibility that Lolo may have wanted a relationship with Nam outside the show.

In the trailer clip, Nam is shown having a conversation with Lolo in her room, and she appears to once again be in tears. She reveals to Nam she can’t be part of “miscommunication anymore.” Soon after, another competitor’s voiceover is heard asking someone in a separate scene, “Do you think Lolo would just leave?”

Lolo could very well make a similar exit to rookie Lio Rush. The former WWE star left the show for the sake of his mental health and to be with his family back home during a difficult time. Based on the recent portrayal of Lolo, she is at her wit’s end with Nam as a partner and not able to get into elimination to compete for a Gold Skull.

Security breach to bring a competitor back?

This season, viewers also saw former Survivor winner Natalie Anderson had to leave the show due to an unexpected positive pregnancy test. While she wanted to continue, production felt it was best for her to return home rather than risk anything healthwise.

Natalie’s exit brought a first for the show as TJ Lavin announced he had “triggered a security breach.” Soon after, eliminated competitor Ashley Mitchell made her return to the show. Natalie had originally eliminated her, but due to Natalie leaving, Ashley got a second chance. Several episodes later, Ashley was eliminated for a second time.

Could another eliminated competitor make their return in Episode 11? As far as females go, the options for Double Agents players seem to be Amber M, Theresa Jones, and Tori Deal.

Of them, Theresa was said to have been dealing with an injury during elimination. Amber M. was the most recent competitor eliminated in Hall Brawl, which she lost to Amber Borzotra. Tori was eliminated by her friend Aneesa Ferreira but could be the one who returns to the game.

There’s also the chance The Challenge swerves fans and brings in someone who has yet to appear on this season or the show. Lolo never eliminated anyone from Double Agents since she was never in elimination. So viewers will certainly be anticipating which competitor might replace her, should she leave.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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