The Challenge’s Kam and Leroy joke with Fessy over Double Agents mid-season trailer scene, talk social game

the challenge stars kam williams and leroy garrett appear on youtube recap
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett recently joked with Fessy Shafaat over Double Agents mid-season trailer scene. Pic credit: iAmKamiAM/YouTube

Following The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9, MTV rolled out their new mid-season trailer showcasing what’s ahead on the remaining episodes.

That included a few scenes involving Fessy Shafaat, with one of them showing a makeout session with one of his castmates.

He recently appeared on an Instagram Live with Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett who joked about that scene. Fessy also talked about why people may never vote Leroy in for elimination.

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Kam and Leroy tease Fessy over Double Agents mid-season trailer

In the Double Agents mid-season trailer, fans saw another potential preview of Fessy Shafaat hooking up with rookie Gabby Allen. It had been shown in the original Double Agents trailer before the season, but according to Kam and Leroy, it was different this time.

“Hey, on the mid-season teaser they show you making out with Gabby,” Leroy tells Fessy during the IG Live.

“Didn’t they show that on the pre-season trailer?” Fessy asks.

“Nah, bro, this one was like,” Leroy started, before Kam interrupted to say this one was more tongue involved in the makeout.

Kam started making a hilarious gagging or choking reference to tease Fessy over the footage.

“It literally looked like you were unzipping your- man,” Leroy added in before Kam started laughing over it.

“I’m gonna be good. I’m gonna let some people live,” Fessy said before changing the subject and asking the couple how Houston is.


The footage of Fessy and Gabby comes weeks after Fessy was shown in an episode saying he was enjoying getting to know castmate Tori Deal. She was engaged to Jordan Wiseley when filming Double Agents, and Fessy said during a confessional interview he respected that.

From there, Fessy was shown trying to get to know Gabby better, and it appears they will at least have a makeout session in an upcoming episode. That said, there had been footage unveiled of rookies Mechie Harris and Amber M making out that never made it on the show.

Unaired footage also popped up with Fessy and Ashley Mitchell kissing, so it leads one to wonder if the producers are saving all of these makeout sessions as extra stuff for the reunion.

Fessy and Kam explain why Leroy has a strong social game on The Challenge

Fessy brought up another interesting tidbit during the IG Live session, saying that he recognized Leroy has a major talent that might keep him from ever getting voted into eliminations on The Challenge.

The former Big Brother star explained when he first got on the show, he was asking Kam how anyone would ever vote Leroy in. That’s because Leroy works as a barber and keeps everyone looking good on the show, so they wouldn’t want to lose him for that.

“I asked Kam this when I first got on the show. ‘Like how is anyone gonna ever vote in Leroy if he’s getting them fresh every week?’ Like he’s never gonna go home,” Fessy recalled.

“That’s his social game. Like it’s gonna take a real savage to send home their barber. Like your barber is like right next to your [mom]. It’s the two people you ride and die for,” Kam joked.

Leroy added that up until this point in the season, he really didn’t think anyone was going to vote him in. So far, the veteran competitor has looked strong, as has his girl Kam, as both have their Gold Skulls already. Now they need to hold onto them until the final.

As Leroy previously announced, Double Agents is his final season of The Challenge before he retires from the show. Even so, plenty of competitors will likely stay in touch to keep their Challenge barber amongst their favorite contacts.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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