The Challenge Season 36: Double Agents mid-season trailer gives sneak peek of remaining episodes

competitors race during the challenge double agents mission
The Challenge: Double Agents mid-season trailer arrived on February 10. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36 introduced viewers to the Double Agents concept, which involves building strong allies, but also features lies, manipulation, and deceit.

Through nine episodes, viewers have seen plenty of that, along with drama in the house, daily missions, and fierce elimination battles.

After Double Agents Episode 9, a brand new mid-season trailer arrived to showcase what else is on the way for the rest of the season.

Double Agents mid-season trailer arrives

After each episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, a trailer arrives to preview the show’s next installment. Typically they are about 30 seconds long and pack in a small bit of detail for what’s ahead.

However, once Episode 9 was over, MTV unveiled a one-minute extended mid-season trailer to preview some of the upcoming daily missions, drama, and eliminations.

Some interesting highlights arrive, including competitors parachuting from a plane, being chained together, eating disgusting foods, racing each other, and accusing each other of being liars.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley seems to be upset with teammate Chris “CT” Tamburello for once, and host TJ Lavin drops another major bombshell on the agents.

“No one is in the final,” The Challenge host reveals in one part of the clip below, which shocks the competitors. At that moment, CT and Big T also appeared to be the Double Agents power team.

In particular, two competitors who seem to get some spotlight in the mid-season trailer are CT and Fessy Shafaat.

In one scene, Fessy is shown making out with castmate Gabby Allen. The two had previously been featured getting to know one another several episodes ago. In another scene, CT and Fessy are shown in a heated argument during what looks like the cast’s night out at the club.

CT previously had an incident with Fessy’s Big Brother ally, Josh Martinez, during the season. However, this upcoming argument appears like it could be something on a more competitive level, so it’ll be interesting to see what prompted it.

Eliminations and Skulls heading into Episode 10

So far, all five of the men’s Gold Skulls have been handed out. Fessy Shafaat, Kyle Christie, Devin Walker, Leroy Garrett, and Josh Martinez have them.

As far as eliminations go, Kyle eliminated rookie Joseph Allen first. Devin eliminated Wes Bergmann, while Fessy eliminated Nelson Thomas. Leroy defeated Jay Starrett to send him home, while Josh got rid of Mechie Harris. Also, Lio Rush chose to leave the show for personal reasons.

For the women, there are two Gold Skulls still available. The three females with Skulls so far are Aneesa Ferreira, Kam Williams, and Kaycee Clark.

For the women’s eliminations, rookie Natalie Anderson eliminated Ashley Mitchell in Episode 1. However, Natalie left several episodes later for personal reasons, so Ashley returned, and Natalie’s Skull was up for grabs.

Female competitors Nicole Zanatta and Liv Jawanda were medically disqualified from competing on the show due to injuries they suffered during the daily mission on top of a speeding truck.

In eliminations, Aneesa defeated her best friend, Tori Deal, while Kam defeated Ashley to eliminate her a second time, and Kaycee defeated Theresa Jones in Episode 9.

TJ revealed that once all the Gold Skulls are claimed, competitors without them will need to try to take one from another competitor. So, while the women can still battle over two available Skulls, it will be interesting to see how the men’s competitors fight for them in upcoming episodes.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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