The Challenge: Double Agents’ Josh Martinez reveals extra Episode 8 details including Devin’s trash talk

josh martinez during the challenge double agents episode 8 elimination event
Josh Martinez during The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents marks the fourth season for Josh Martinez, as he looks to prove naysayers wrong in terms of his abilities to make it far.

The former Big Brother star has been involved in quite a few dramatic incidents through the season and is part of an alliance featuring fellow BB members.

In a recent interview, Josh shared some extra details from the eighth episode of Double Agents that viewers probably weren’t aware of.

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Keep in mind; spoilers will follow up through that episode of MTV’s The Challenge.

Josh Martinez talks about Double Agents Episode 8

In Double Agents Episode 8, Josh finally had a breakthrough, winning his first-ever elimination event on the reality competition show.

It was a repeat of the Asset Destruction event that Tori Deal lost to Aneesa Ferreira several episodes ahead of this one.

However, the men had to solve a large puzzle of sliding pieces to create a skull pattern before they could move on to throwing medicine balls at the large wall of targets.

Josh solved the puzzle with ease, while opponent Mechie Harris struggled.

However, Josh had his own struggles with throwing the medicine balls at the targets. Based on the episode, several attempts bounced off parts of the wall rather than breaking any targets.

Eventually, he got it together and smashed enough targets to win. That gave him the last men’s Gold Skull and created an emotional moment for him with his first elimination victory.

In an interview with E! Canada (video below), Josh discussed the recent elimination and said he believes that the footage was cut to look like he struggled longer.

“I don’t even think that elimination took five minutes if I’m being honest with you. It was pretty quick,” Josh said when asked if the footage was stretched out.

The host brought up how it must be tough to have other competitors rooting against him, despite the fact he had Big Brother people cheering him on during elimination.

“Oh dude, and they cut Devin literally talking s**t to me the whole elimination,” Josh joked in the interview. 

The BB star said that’s why he asked Devin, “Hall Brawl next?” after the elimination win, because “Devin was going in” on him.

“I mean, that’s what he’s good at. The guy runs his mouth,” Josh added, saying Devin was trying to throw him off all elimination, even reminding him of his 0-3 record in eliminations.

Josh says Big Brother alliance helped this season

While Devin has been doing his best to instigate Josh this season, the former Big Brother star said having Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark along with him has been super helpful on Double Agents.

“I think the biggest blessing that I’ve had this season was having such a tight bond with Fessy and Kaycee,” he shared.

“Being in a game like The Challenge where everyone’s out for everyone, I think the biggest thing is loyalty and obviously they know that I’m loyal to them,” Josh added.

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He goes on to say they’re good friends outside of the show. Josh also said bringing in former BB star Amber Borzotra and even “Lolo [Jones] a little bit” to work with their group helped them on Double Agents.

The Big Brother alliance has certainly made it difficult for others to navigate the game in Season 36 due to having such a tight bond. It’s going to be interesting to see how other Double Agents competitors try to break them apart if they even can.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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