Who went home from The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4? Competitor surprises castmates at elimination

the challenge all stars cast during episode 4
The Challenge competitors at their latest daily challenge in All Stars Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4 brought some firsts for the season as a player wielding power used it to see what would happen, and a competitor shocked everyone at elimination.

The latest episode was appropriately called Semi-Charmed Lifesaver, as it would see the special advantage come into play, helping the cast realize what would happen with it.

However, that power ended up having a catastrophic result based on how it affected one particular cast member.

All Stars’ daily challenge is On The Ropes

For their daily challenge, The Challenge: All Stars competitors were split into four teams. The copper team had Arissa Hill, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Jonna Mannion, Alton Williams, and Katie Cooley. The black team was Kendal Sheppard, Laterrian Wallace, Kellyanne Judd, Darrell Taylor, and Jisela Delgado.

The gold team featured Yes Duffy, Ruthie Alcaide, Derrick Kosinski, Aneesa Ferreira, and Mark Long. Last but not least was the silver team with Beth Stoalrczyk, Syrus Yarbrough, Jemmye Carroll, and Nehemiah Clark. TJ said because the silver team was short by one player, Darrell was randomly selected to compete on their team too.

The daily challenge was called On the Ropes and featured a rig with two platforms hanging up above the water. There were ropes going across between the platforms. The competitors had to race across the ropes by standing on them, holding onto them, or whatever they could do to get from one side to the other.

After a competitor made it from one platform and then back across to their original platform, they could release any rope. That allowed them to mess with opponents, possibly causing them to lose balance or fall into the water.

During the challenge, Katie had to deal with her fear of falling into water from relatively high up. Someone suggested she drop off the platform into the water, so she did and never attempted the daily.

Meanwhile, the gold team ended up releasing the most ropes the quickest. That made team captain Ruthie safe and gave fellow captain Mark the Lifesaver. The Silver team was the losing squad, and as a team captain, Beth was automatically going into elimination.

Nominations and chatter about Lifesaver

Ahead of the nomination meeting, Beth spoke with Syrus, Nehemiah, and Jemmye about who she’d want to go against. While she said Kendal or Katie, others said Arissa might be better.

However, at the nomination meeting, Katie said she didn’t even try today, so she was going to send herself in. That made things easy, except her friend Mark still had the Lifesaver.

Mark put on a large crown and a glowing lights necklace during the cast’s night out at the bar. The Godfather called over the female competitors to ask them about using the Lifesaver. He learned most of them wanted him to put it into play.

mark long godfather in all stars episode 4
The Godfather Mark Long had power, responsibility, and swag in Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

He later revealed in a confessional that he would send in Kendal if he had the option because they weren’t all that close. Mark also spoke to Arissa separately to let her know she would be safe and he wouldn’t send her in, if he was given the option.

TJ and All Stars cast shocked at The Arena

At The Arena, host TJ Lavin asked Beth to join him and then said since Mark was captain of the winning team, he could choose to use the Lifesaver. He said Katie had been his friend for a while now, so she wouldn’t be competing tonight. He saved her with the Lifesaver, making it the first time someone used it for the season.

TJ revealed everyone had to vote for Beth’s new opponent. Darrell had the first vote and couldn’t decide. He asked Beth who she wanted, and she said Arissa. So that set the tone for the voting. Other votes went to Kendal, Kellyanne, and Aneesa, but Arissa had the majority.

She was not happy to go into elimination. TJ informed them they’d compete in Wall Ball. They each had a group of four large walls lined up in a row with a rope attached. They had to pull the rope to spread the walls apart. Then they had to retrieve a ball and toss it over the first wall.

the challenge all stars episode 4 elimination setup at the arena
A look at the elimination setup from The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Next, they had to punch through the first wall to get to the other side and then grab the ball they’d thrown over it. From there, they’d throw the ball over the next wall and continue to break through. The first to do three balls would win.

Arissa was fuming, though, and didn’t put her helmet on. Beth was ready to go. Arissa said she wanted to address her castmates and then called them all “snakes” along with a lot of other expletives.

She said if she had won this, she wouldn’t want to be back in that environment with how they all acted. Arissa flipped off the cast and told them, “f**k y’all motherf*****s” before storming off.

“All right don’t take care. Hope to see you never,” TJ said, delivering his classic sendoff speech from the trailers.

With that, Beth won the elimination by default. TJ called her “The Intimidator” because she just scared her opponent out of competing against her.

“This ain’t the God d**n Brady Bunch, this is The Challenge,” Darrell said in a confessional to close out the episode.

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