The Challenge: All Stars’ Katie Cooley shares update about her and Trishelle Cannatella after their fight

katie cooley during the challenge all stars aftermath show
Katie Cooley spoke more about her fight with Trishelle Cannatella on The Challenge: All Stars Aftermath. Pic credit: Paramount+

In just the second episode of The Challenge: All Stars, drama erupted amongst friends as the stress of being back in the game got the best of one competitor’s emotions.

Viewers saw a blowup involving Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Cooley, which ended up waking up cast members in the house and nearly bringing an intense elimination.

Katie gave some more details about the whole fight situation on the All Stars Aftermath show, including where things are with her and Trishelle now.

Why did Katie and Trishelle fight on The Challenge: All Stars?

Just like regular seasons of The Challenge have eliminations, that’s also the case for the OG competitors on their spinoff season. With All Stars Episode 2, competitors participated in a daily challenge involving trivia ahead of a female elimination.

Trishelle was the first female competitor to lose during the daily challenge, which meant she was automatically headed into elimination. She became frustrated with that and that turned into her lashing out at her good friend, Katie.

At the deliberation where everyone else voted to decide Trishelle’s opponent in elimination, it ended up being Kendal Sheppard. That wasn’t an issue for Trishelle, but the fact she learned about it from Derrick Kosinski once everyone got back to the house rubbed her the wrong way. She felt Katie should’ve been the one to share that with her.

During the Aftermath show, Devyn Simone asked Katie to talk about what happened in that dramatic incident on The Challenge: All Stars.

“After the deliberation, I got food instead of going upstairs telling her that it was Kendal that was gonna go against her, and she was just p***ed, and that’s what started it. That I decided to eat instead of going to her, and it made me a really bad friend,” Katie said.

Things seemed to calm down between them, at first, but Katie revealed it picked back up hours later.

“So I apologized and then we squashed it and everything was fine. She wrestled Ruthie [Alcaide]. We were hanging out and then I guess middle of the night she’s like, ‘Wait I’m really mad about that again,’ and there you go,” Katie said.

That’s where the famous clip that viewers saw ahead of All Stars came from, with Katie telling Trishelle, “It was 16 years ago. Let it go.”

“I didn’t expect her to lash out, whatever she was feeling, on me, in that capacity,” Katie added with regards to Trishelle’s blowup.

Katie says she and Trishelle haven’t talked since All Stars

Trishelle still ended up going into elimination and even Katie was rooting for her during the event against Kendal. Katie even shared on the Aftermath that Trishelle had wanted to quit All Stars and go home but she convinced her to stay to compete.

As far as where they are now, Katie also revealed that they haven’t talked since their appearance together on The Challenge: All Stars. However, Trishelle did reach out to some other people close to Katie.

“I think she was embarrassed, but I wanted her to try to stay and finish it out, so I was cheering for her when she was in her elimination. We have not spoken since the show,” Katie revealed.

“She talked to my husband and my mom,” Katie mentioned during the Paramount Plus Episode 2 Aftermath.

When Devyn asked how Katie felt about that, she admitted that she was happy to hear Trishelle owned up to her behavior, but it wasn’t to her.

“I mean, she basically said she was an a**hole, and so I was happy about that,” Katie revealed, adding, “What I was most mad about was that everything she said was intentional to hurt me. To embarrass me. That’s what I was hurt about. That was rage. It was like, ‘How long have you felt this way about me?’” Katie shared.

While they may not be speaking at the moment, it seems possible that in time the former besties and roommates could find a way to get past this and celebrate the good times they’ve shared.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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