Who went home on The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5? Latest elimination features a TJ Lavin twist

competitors in daily challenge for all stars episode 5
Competitors started as a team at the daily mission in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

At the start of The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5, the cast arrived back home after Arissa Hill’s dramatic blowup and her quitting the season at elimination. The group tried to process what happened.

Beth Stolarczyk said she wasn’t trying to intimidate Arissa. Others told her she didn’t do anything wrong, Arissa got blindsided and didn’t like it. Darrell Taylor said he’s glad she left because they should be there to compete. Nehemiah Clark said if anyone else is thinking about quitting, do it right now.

In another scene, Beth talked to Syrus Yarbrough and told him she needs him to be there with her. During a confessional, Syrus talked about his successful businesses and beautiful fianceé Stacy. He wants the prize money for his future wedding.

Later, some of the guys tried to climb a stone pillar on the front of The Challenge house, including Derrick Kosinski and Alton Williams. In a confessional, Jisela Delgado talked about her and Alton being on the Gauntlet 2 season together. She said she had no memory of him but admits now he’s “a good-looking man with a good heart.”

“This is like brand new Alton for me,” Jisela said in her confessional as she gushed over her castmate.

Daily challenge is a ‘mini-final’ called Connect Em All

The latest daily challenge involved what host TJ Lavin called a “mini-final.” Competitors started in teams of six. They raced to a checkpoint to solve a puzzle and then had to carry a heavy log together to the next checkpoint.

From there, the teams split into groups of two and then went to another checkpoint. Eventually, they all competed by themselves, carrying a small log alone to race to the finish line. The first male and female to complete it would be safe from elimination.

The Copper team was Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Katie Cooley, Darrell Taylor, Aneesa Ferreira, Mark Long, and Ruthie Alcaide. The Gold team was Kendal Sheppard, Derrick, Laterrian Wallace, Kellyanne Judd, Nehemiah, and Jisela. The Silver team had Syrus, Yes Duffy, Jemmye Carroll, Jonna Mannion, Beth, and Alton.

Mark’s team took an early lead, with Jisela’s team in second. The Silver team had some issues as Alton was having trouble catching his breath and kept calling for a rest. It made his teammates question what was going on with him.

Eventually, the teams split into two. They had to arrange a puzzle with many colored squares in the correct order based on an answer key. Kendal and Laterrian completed that ahead of everyone, got their logs, and each took off for the finish line. Derrick and Kellyanne were next.

With their first-place finish, Kendal and Laterrian were safe from elimination. The last-place team was Beth and Syrus, so that meant Syrus was automatically going into elimination.

Nomination meeting, castmates enjoy time together

At the nomination meeting, Mark spoke up on behalf of Syrus. He said Syrus asked to go against Alton because he felt Alton underperformed during the daily and held them back. Alton suggested that Big Easy finished second-to-last, so he should be the choice. However, most of the cast voted for Alton to give Syrus what he requested, which is how it’s worked so far.

When they got back to the house, Alton told Syrus he’d see him in elimination. Syrus tried to offer a handshake but Alton was with Jisela and just walked right past him. There was also some attention given to the fact Syrus admitted in a confessional he’d tripped a few days ago and hurt his ankle. It was shown wrapped up in one scene.

During the cast’s night at the bar, footage showed Alton and Jisela enjoying each other’s company. Once they got back home, an infrared camera showed them talking together into one of the rooms. Eventually, things moved under the covers for privacy. Alton said in confessional he wasn’t going to say if they were sleeping together.

Who went home in All Stars Episode 5 elimination?

At The Arena, TJ had Syrus and Alton join him on the ground level. TJ told them the Lifesaver was officially gone, but there was a new twist. From here on out, there will be double eliminations. So that meant Beth was teamed with Syrus for elimination because she was also in last place. For Alton, he got to choose any female to be his partner, except Kendal. He went with the elimination queen, Aneesa.

The elimination event was called Up and Over. This was basically the same event that was supposed to take place at the end of All Stars Episode 4, but Arissa quit. To start, the two teammates had to pull a rope to spread apart four large walls.

Next, the teams had to grab a heavy ball and throw it over the first wall. One teammate had to climb up and over the wall to the next side. The other had to punch or smash through the wall to get through it. Then they’d grab the ball and do the same with the next wall. The goal was to get over and through the four walls and deposit the ball into a bucket on the other side.

elimination event in the challenge all stars episode 5
A look at the Up and Over elimination from All Stars Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

The first team to get five balls into their buckets would win the event. Syrus’ ankle injury was an issue for him, as he was having trouble landing after dropping over each of the walls. Meanwhile, Alton was moving around “like Spider-Man,” according to castmate Derrick Kosinski. Aneesa was holding her own as well with smashing through the walls.

Alton and Aneesa seemed to breeze through the event, proving Alton is a top competitor for the men and once again that Aneesa is an elimination queen. It ended Beth and Syrus’ time on All Stars.

In their exit interview, Beth was happy to see everyone again and said she had a fun experience. Syrus was swearing a bit about how it went down and said he wanted a one-on-one with Alton. He said it’s not over, and he’ll be back.

As the cast departed, a spotlight was put on the new twist, which will have everyone on edge about possibly getting pulled into an elimination.

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