The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 trailer teases castmates’ hookup, another big TJ twist on the way

tj lavin from the challenge all stars episode 5 at the arena
TJ Lavin has a twist for The Challenge: All Stars competitors in Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

When The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 arrives, it looks like viewers will once again get a good amount of entertainment to enjoy from the OG cast members, as well as from longtime Challenge host, TJ Lavin.

Based on a trailer released ahead of the episode, TJ is going to unveil one of those classic twists for the game, and it could be coming at a bad time for the competitors.

In addition, two of the cast members look like they’re on pace for a hookup, or some sort of in-house romance.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 teases some in-house romance?

So far, during The Challenge: All Stars episodes, viewers have seen the cast reuniting, partying, and enjoying old and new friendships. Viewers have also seen or heard about a few cast members mentioning significant others or kids back home.

Not a lot of focus has been put on All Stars hookups, although Jemmye Carroll and Nehemiah Clark appeared to have a little something going on. Based on Jemmye’s comments, that was more of a business and personal mix for her game, though.

However, Episode 5 appears it will bring fan-favorite Jisela Delgado back under the spotlight. This time, the 40-year-old mom isn’t necessarily calling out competitors or encouraging them but instead exploring some mutual interest with 41-year-old castmate Alton Williams.

The former Real World: Las Vegas star has popped up here or there during episodes, but it looks like Episode 5 will give Alton more attention from both Jisela and the viewers.

“Alton and I’s friendship is evolving. We’re both attractive people and gravitate to each other,” Jisela admits during a confessional interview in the trailer (below).

Some infrared-style night footage is shown of the two together on a bed, so they’ll be talking at the very least. It’s unknown how much farther they’ll go. Jisela mentioned some attraction in Episode 4, possibly foreshadowing what’s on the way.

“Alton is carrying the burden of his team and those individuals who are either not strong enough or scared. Things like this are very attractive to me,” Jisela said in a confessional interview shown during Episode 4’s daily challenge.

In addition to the preview of their possible hookup in Episode 5, there’s also a sneak preview of the next daily challenge. Competitors are working in teams once again rather than solo. They’ll be transporting a heavy log as part of their mission, with the goal possibly not to drop it until they reach a checkpoint. Katie tells her teammates it’s a lot of money on the line and to keep going.

So the episode may include an interesting hookup and another grueling daily challenge for the cast, but it appears there’s also a twist coming for the season.

What will TJ Lavin’s All-Stars twist be?

Based on the trailer footage above, a surprise TJ Lavin twist is coming in All Stars Episode 5, and it appears the host will drop the details on the competitors at The Arena. That’s where the eliminations have taken place during the All Stars season so far.

In the previous episode, Mark Long was a captain from the winning team and controlled the Lifesaver for the women’s elimination. He used the Lifesaver for the first time anyone did this season, saving Katie from going against Beth Stolarczyk for the elimination.

That led to TJ telling everyone they had to vote for who Beth would face in elimination. It ended up being Arissa Hill, and she didn’t take kindly to that, as she exploded at her castmates and left the show.

TJ’s twist in the new episode could involve double eliminations or more, as there are just nine episodes for the All Stars season. To whittle down the field of competitors, it may be necessary to increase the number of eliminations in the remaining episodes.

Since the last episode featured a women’s elimination, it seems Episode 5 should feature a men’s elimination. However, TJ’s twist could very well change that, adding more competitors at The Arena.

Many of The Challenge fans probably hope the twist won’t involve TJ telling the All Stars competitors they need a gold skull for his final. Even so, his latest twist is likely to put an additional wrinkle in some competitors’ game plans as they battle for that $500,000.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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