Arissa Hill of The Challenge comments on All Stars Episode 4 situation: ‘I know when to fold my cards’

arissa hill at the arena in the challenge all stars episode 4
Arissa Hill at The Arena elimination site in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars competitor Arissa Hill spoke out after the airing of Episode 4, in which she had an iconic move that surprised castmates and viewers at home.

The 41-year-old indicated in a post that she “fully expected there to be a fair amount of backlash” for what happened in the episode and added that viewers don’t know the full story.

Keep in mind spoiler alerts will follow in this article for The Challenge: All Stars up through the fourth episode of the spinoff series.

Arissa called out castmates in Episode 4

A major event took place in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 4, as someone finally used that Lifesaver to see what it might do. Unfortunately, while the competitors finally learned what it does, they also saw how much effect it can have on players.

Mark Long was the Lifesaver holder due to being the winning team captain in the daily challenge. He had figured that by using it at the elimination, he could save his friend Katie Cooley, who already nominated herself to go in against Beth Stolarczyk.

That wasn’t the case, though, as host TJ Lavin told the rest of the cast they needed to vote for someone to go against Beth. Everyone scrambled, but since Beth called out Arissa’s name when the first voter, Darrell Taylor, asked who she wanted, that was the popular vote.

That didn’t sit well with Arissa as she went to join TJ and Beth on the ground for the elimination. She asked TJ if boxing was available as an option, but was told it wasn’t.

After TJ finished explaining the elimination event, Arissa didn’t even bother putting her helmet on to compete. She told TJ she was going to address her castmates.

From there, she went into a tirade about not wanting to even return to the house based on how the environment was.

“While I respect the game, what I don’t respect is how y’all are living, which is pretty motherf****g foul,” Arissa told the rest of her castmates.

She went on to say more, including expletives, and then flipped off her All Stars castmates before quitting the show. It made a first for the season as it gave Beth an easy elimination win by default.

Arissa Hill comments on The Challenge: All Stars exit

As the episode arrived on Paramount Plus, Arissa Hill posted her arrival photo from All Stars Episode 1 on Instagram. In the caption, she commented about the “backlash” she expected from the episode. Arissa also said she gave “zero f***s” but “respectfully.”

“From a viewer perspective, I can see why a lot of people don’t agree with me quitting. And, from my perspective; you have no idea the type of battles I was fighting during this time,” Arissa said in part of her caption.

“What I wasn’t going to do was continue to be in a situation where I felt unsupported, alone, betrayed etc… There are too many things a viewer will never even slightly know about the many different variables that exist when you participate in an experience like this,” she said of her situation on the show.

She went on to say she knows people would call her out for knowing what she was going into, but didn’t care much about that. In addition, Arissa said her story would “take a fair amount of time to tell properly” and couldn’t be condensed into the episodes.

A small part of the episode focused on Arissa’s story, including how much she has changed since The Real World: Las Vegas. Her All Stars and Real World castmate Alton Williams even touched upon that in confessional interviews. At other points in the episode, she was depicted as a “loner,” separate from her castmates.

Footage showed Arissa had a good rapport with Mark Long and several of her castmates during other scenes in the episodes.

Nonetheless, while Arissa may have exited without trying in the elimination, she left her mark on the game. While it may appear that she just gave up, the footage is indeed edited down, and viewers only know a small part of the bigger story for each competitor’s life situation.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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