The Challenge: All Stars’ Jisela Delgado reveals her choices for Double Agents partner, thoughts on Fessy

jisela delgado of the challenge all stars cast
Jisela Delgado is among the 22 OG competitors on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: MTV

After appearing on Road Rules: The Quest and several seasons of The Challenge, Jisela Delgado is making a name for herself again on the All Stars spinoff season.

She was a major force in just the first episode, showing her abilities to compete all these years later. Based on comments from castmates, she’s going to be one to watch in other episodes during the season.

Based on fan comments, she’s already a favorite due to her funny commentary and willingness to do what’s necessary to win.

The Challenge: All Stars competitor recently took some time to answer fan questions on her Instagram. That included her thoughts on one particular Double Agents star and who she’d pick as a partner for that show.

Jisela names Double Agents stars she’d want as her teammate

With The Challenge: All Stars, competitors might work together in teams for some of the daily challenges, but host TJ Lavin told them it’s an overall individual game.

On MTV’s Double Agents season, the format involved trusting a teammate, as it was male and female partners working together. Viewers witnessed that some competitors didn’t always feel they had the best partners to work with during the season.

It’s unknown how much of the current season Jisela Delgado has watched, but she gave two people she’d prefer to work with if she was on the Double Agents season. They are veteran competitor Darrell Taylor and rookie Nam Vo.

the challenge all stars jisela delgado answers ig questions
Pic credit: @withlovejisela/Instagram

Darrell currently appears on the All Stars season with Jisela, so she has a good rapport with him and realizes his strengths. He’s a four-time Challenge winner, making him a smart pick for Jisela or pretty much any other competitor on Double Agents. He and Aneesa Ferreira are both on the All Stars spinoff after appearing on MTV’s Season 36.

Nam is probably not someone Jisela has met, but female cast members swooned over him on Double Agents. He’s also been described as “nice” by castmates and shown he’s got the potential to win. He had the unfortunate situation of having fellow rookie Lolo Jones as his teammate, and they couldn’t work together effectively.

Compared to Lolo, Jisela seems more likely to get along with Nam and give the feedback or encouragement needed to get tasks done. Plus she seems fun and entertaining to work with, based on her All Stars season so far.

Jisela comments on The Challenge’s Fessy Shafaat

While Jisela named Nam and Darrell as potential teammates for Double Agents, she might stay away from another for now. Someone asked the OG her thoughts about two-time Challenge competitor Fessy Shafaat, and Jisela gave her perspective.

“Believe it or not I think it’s all a front. I think he’s probably great but refuses to let people in because he’s always had to be tough. His physical appearance demands it. He’s also young so I feel like he’s gonna fumble through life like all of us do, but eventually will gain wisdom,” Jisela said of Fessy.

the challenge jisela delgado comments on fessy shafaat
Pic credit: @withlovejisela/Instagram

Throughout the Double Agents season, various footage and confessional interviews revealed that Fessy wanted to prove himself as a top competitor. However, he had issues working with his female teammates, despite being stolen several times by competitors who wanted him as their partner.

Viewers saw in The Challenge: Double Agents final that Fessy learned even when he’s working with someone he feels might be his best possible teammate, problems can get in the way.

While Fessy has drawn a lot of heat from fans, Jisela seems to be a fan favorite based on her performance so far on the OG spinoff season. Her comments also seem to lend a positive spin about Fessy that fans may want to consider. That said, he might gain wisdom, experience, and maturity as he continues forth, similar to other competitors on The Challenge.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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