The Challenge: Fessy Shafaat reveals he learned more about CT Tamburello after Double Agents

the challenge double agents star fessy shafaat on aftermath show
Fessy Shafaat appears on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

On The Challenge: Double Agents viewers saw things get heated between cast members Fessy Shafaat and Chris “CT” Tamburello in one episode.

That was due to Fessy wanting to take over the spot as “top dog” in the game, while longtime competitor CT wanted to defend his spot as one of the best of all time.

While the two had that intense argument during the season, they recently revealed they have respect for one another now that Double Agents filming has ended.

Fessy says he learned what CT was like after Double Agents

Coming into his second season of MTV’s The Challenge, Fessy was once again ready to compete and prove himself as the best in the game. However, the veteran CT was hungry for another chance to prove himself as he looked to continue winning against younger competitors.

During the Aftermath show after Double Agents Episode 17, host Devyn Simone was joined by CT, Fessy, Amber Borzotra, Cory Wharton, and Kyle Christie. At one point, Devyn brought up the argument that happened between Fessy and CT during the cast’s club night. She mentioned to CT that Fessy told him, “You’re not anything anymore,” during the verbal altercation.

“I’ve heard it before. Look it, I’m getting older. Surprisingly I’ve had a better win percentage during my dad bod era than I ever did in my 20s,” CT said of his Challenge career.

Fessy shared that he became more familiar with CT’s resume once Double Agents season was over and realized what people meant about CT.

“Honestly, I had never seen no old seasons of CT and I didn’t know CT’s history. You know I just came in fresh and whoever was in front of my face this season, that’s who I was gonna compete against,” Fessy said.

“Actually, after we got off this season, I went and watched some of CT’s clips. ‘Oh, this is why he gets the respect,’ you know because he’s literally in people’s face just like ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ and people are like, ‘Nothing,’” Fessy added.

When asked about newer competitors not doing their homework on him ahead of The Challenge, CT was okay with it.

“It’s probably a good thing that they didn’t watch the show, you know. It gives me an edge,” he told Devyn during Aftermath.

CT praised Fessy’s competitive drive on The Challenge

For Fessy, Double Agents is his second season and brings his second appearance in a final. He made it to the Total Madness final but ultimately was among other runner-up competitors to Challenge legend Johnny Bananas.

Now he’ll be up against another all-time great CT. However, CT revealed he has respect for Fessy too.

“You know he’s hungry. He wants to make a name for himself, and he’s willing to make tough decisions that nobody wants to make,” CT added about Fessy’s gameplay.

He revealed something else he respected about the new Challenge star. He said that Fessy wasn’t worried about who he might go against to try to win it all.

“One thing I respected about him, he didn’t have an agenda to get rid of people to help him win the final. It was more of ‘I don’t care who’s in the final. I just want to get there because I think I could beat everybody,’ and you gotta respect that,” CT revealed.

Fessy said the season was tougher for him because it involved working with a partner, and as viewers saw, he had trouble working with most of his this season. However, he’ll head into the Double Agents final with one of his friends and Big Brother alliance members, Kaycee Clark.

The duo will try to win it all in their second season of The Challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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