Who won The Challenge: Total Madness final tonight? Two winners claim big prize money

the challenge total madness episode 16 final competitors
Nine competitors remain to compete in the final on The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

The brutal final officially got underway as The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 16 arrived on Wednesday night.

That means the remaining competitors have all earned Red Skulls, qualifying them to run the final and have a shot at one million dollars.

Last week’s show featured a double elimination with Rogan eliminating Nelson and Jenny taking out Dee. So who would go home from The Challenge: Total Madness on tonight’s show?

TJ reveals the first part of the final

It’s down to just nine finalists on the competition. For the guys, it’s Bananas, Kyle, Fessy, Rogan, and Corey. For the girls, it’s Jenny, Melissa, Bayleigh Dayton, and Kaycee Clark.

After a bit of fun out and about, the competitors get the abrupt sirens back at their bunker signaling it’s time to go.

They arrive at a snow-covered area with host TJ Lavin welcoming them to the final. He informs them that a total of one million dollars is on the line. The prize money breakdown is $500,000 each for one male and one female winner.

TJ informs them they’ll be trekking through the snow to get to a mountaintop far away from where they currently are. The first checkpoint has them on skis trying to transport 12 logs to a fire pit to spark a fuse and light a monument.

Fessy manages to light his first for the guys, while Cory struggles. He finally lights his, followed by Bananas. Rogan is fourth and then Kyle is fifth. Jenny is the first female, with Kaycee in second, Bayleigh in third, and Melissa in fourth.

Cory passes Fessy to become the overall leader as they get to the checkpoint. Bananas is next. Jenny is first for the female competitors and then Kaycee gets there.

Bayleigh hurts her knee during the skiing and medics check on her. She opts to stay in the game.

More eliminations arrive for competitors

TJ drops a bomb on the competitors. Since Cory and Jenny finished first, they’ll form the final Tribunal. One male and one female are going to be eliminated.

Next, TJ reveals The Journey, where all competitors will travel together across rocks and up a steep, snowy mountain to get to a compound.

When the group meets up that night, Rogan nominates himself to go into elimination. Melissa does the same for the females.

Cory and Jenny are the Tribunal so they choose one male and one female as well. Cory chooses Bananas, saying he’s the biggest threat to him winning. Jenny puts in Kaycee against Melissa for the same reason.

When they meet up with TJ for the elimination, Melissa announces she’s quitting because she’s not cut out for this. Kaycee gets an easy win.

Bananas takes on Rogan in a game called Knocked Out. They’re on opposite sides and have to race across the snow, then jump up to ring a bell. The first person to do it twice wins, while the loser is eliminated.

Bananas wins the first round. Rogan is fired up to avoid elimination. They race on the second round and Bananas gets the bell with a finger. Rogan is done and Bananas continues on the final.

Another competitor exits, winners are crowned

All of the winners get to go stay inside the warm compound that night, while the rest sit around a fire outside for warmth. However, Bayleigh decides to quit, saying she thinks she tore her MCL. That leaves six competitors as we head towards the big finale.

Cory and Jenny get a one-minute head start in the next part of the final, followed by the elimination winners. Then the other competitors get to go.

Fessy and Jenny take over the lead on the next checkpoint which involves solving a math problem to unlock a skull. However, Bananas is able to get ahead of Fessy as they move on skis again.

It seems like a close race, but in the end, it’s Bananas and Jenny getting to the final checkpoint. They are each $500,000 richer. Kyle comes in second, followed by Cory and Fessy.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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