Big Brother: Kaycee Clark goes off on ‘Karen’ who asks her to wear a mask

Kaycee BB20
Kaycee Clark won Big Brother 20. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark was not pleased when she came across someone who wanted to know why she wasn’t wearing a mask.

While out on a run with her dogs, Kaycee said that a woman she has nicknamed “Karen” asked her “where’s your mask?”

Kaycee posted a live video of her immediate reaction to the situation that is shared below. In it, she tells her side of the story.

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Kaycee says she doesn’t need to wear a mask

Kaycee started her video by saying, “So I’m walking my dogs, minding my business like I do every morning, I stay more than six feet away from people, and I had a Karen, a Karen, stop, like this, put her hand on her hip, and say, ‘where’s your mask.'”

At the bottom of the video, she added some text, which reads, in part, “It is not required to wear a mask while outside walking or running as long as your social distancing[sic].”

She continues with her story by saying, “I say I don’t have to wear a mask, I’m staying away from you, so get away from me and mind your business. Man. She was like, I wasn’t even close to her and she literally just stopped and was asking ‘where’s your mask.’ I don’t have to wear it. That’s what I told her.”

The text she added to the end of the video reads, “Trust me Karen I have been keeping my distance from people so get away from me thanks Love, Kaycee.”

Who is ‘the Karen’ here?

Some people have sided with Kaycee over her video, while others have not liked seeing this side of her. Alex Kidwell even took to social media to call her “the Karen” in this situation.

Kidwell Kaycee
Who was the Karen? Pic credit: @alexkidwell/Twitter

Below are some additional posts with people weighing in on both sides of the issue. Some Big Brother fans came to her defense and others disagreed with the sentiment.

Kaycee Defense
Big Brother fans weigh in. Pic credit: @MarkRachela/Twitter

Is Kaycee Clark on BB22 cast?

There have been a lot of rumors about the BB22 cast this summer and some of them have included Kaycee Clark getting an invite to play the game again. There have also been other rumors that her partying in Florida recently may have cost her the chance to go back inside the Big Brother house.

We don’t have confirmation either way, but recent developments in California put the Big Brother 2020 season in question. Could the show get canceled?

Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming season and, hopefully, the health situation around the country improves to the point that Big Brother 22 can get started.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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