Big Brother 22 canceled? California health crisis could impact BB22 cast

BB18 Comps
Big Brother 18 had some intense competitions. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 could get canceled if the California health crisis doesn’t get brought under control.

A new report from the Los Angeles Times sheds some really grim light on the COVID-19 situation taking place in the state of California. And the updated numbers are very bleak.

A surge of new coronavirus cases has been reported in L.A. County, accompanying the rise in the number of related deaths that have also been reported.

According to the L.A. Times, 2,916 new coronavirus cases were confirmed by Los Angeles County health officials on Saturday. It was also reported that there have been 57 more related deaths.

This surge has presented some very alarming numbers, including more than 2,000 people hospitalized with the virus – 27 percent in intensive care and 18 percent on ventilators.

In total, L.A. County has identified 130,242 positive cases of the virus and has reported 3,793 related deaths.

Is there a Big Brother this year?

As we recently reported, CBS has been moving forward with the plan to air Big Brother 22 this season. That would allow the BB22 cast to start playing the game quite soon if everything were to stay on schedule.

Unfortunately, there have been constant delays with getting the summer 2020 season started. Recently, it was revealed that there would be additional delays to production and to getting the BB22 cast sequestered.

This latest news out of California, which seems to indicate that the virus is far from being under control, could cause CBS to completely re-think whether or not it is a good idea to even try to do the show this summer.

Big Brother 2020 start date

The original Big Brother 2020 start date was supposed to be at the end of June. When television production got shut down, the hope was for the season to then simply get started in the month of July.

Now that the month of July has arrived, though, it seems far less likely that the show can start filming before the month of August. Is it possible? Sure. There are tentative plans for an early-August Big Brother 2020 start date.

A reality might be starting to set in, though, which could lead to Big Brother 22 getting canceled. That’s not what CBS, the production team, BB22 cast members, or fans of the show want to see. But if it becomes too dangerous in California to film the show, it may become the state of California that says it can’t even take place.

Stay tuned folks, as we will make sure to update everyone if we learn that there has been an update in the situation at CBS or in California.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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