Big Brother 2020: Fans should prepare for shorter season, small BB22 cast

Kat And Cliff
Kat Dunn and Cliff Hogg played on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 is still in the plans for CBS this summer, but fans may need to prepare for things to be a little bit different. This is due to a later start date and the long delay before the season actually gets started.

Though specific details have been hard to come by from the network and show producers, the plan is to still air Big Brother 22 during the summer. And if everything goes perfectly, the BB22 cast could begin playing in August.

That means there is still enough time left for Evel Dick Donato’s prediction about the first evicted houseguest to come true.

Big Brother 2020 changes?

If the season was on schedule, Big Brother 2020 would have begun before the end of June and the houseguests would already be competing for the title of the last person standing.

A typical season comes to an end around the end of September, allowing CBS to then start up its regular fall shows. A lot of the time, the Big Brother season finale will coincide with a Survivor season premiere.

CBS has a lot of hit shows and a really full schedule during the normal television season. There might not be room for three weekly Big Brother episodes, meaning a shorted season could be on the horizon.

The last two seasons of the show lasted 99 days and that followed seasons of 97, 98, 99, and 92 days, respectively. That doesn’t really seem possible if Big Brother 2020 gets started in August. With a season of close to 100 days, that would put the season finale in mid-to-late November.

It may not be an issue at all, though, if the production of the hit comedies and dramas that carry the network don’t resume. There currently aren’t any new episodes of NCIS, FBI, or Mom ready to air on CBS.

BB22 cast considerations

If the number of days for the Big Brother 2020 season ends up getting cut, that would also likely lead to a smaller BB22 cast. That comes with the territory unless the production wanted to do multiple double evictions.

Since Big Brother 14 — Ian Terry beat out Dan Gheesling for the $500,000 prize in 2012 — the casts have consisted of at least 16 houseguests. Twice the show went to 17, with Steve Moses winning Big Brother 17 and Jose Martinez winning Big Brother 19 during those instances.

At this point, even a shorter season would be a good thing, as long as Big Brother 2020 even takes place. One Big Brother 19 houseguest doesn’t think it will happen, but, hopefully, the health situation around the country clears up enough to get everything running again.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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