Big Brother 22: Fan site tweets hilariously about confirmed BB22 cast info

Big Brother fans are ready to see OTEV again. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 is supposed to take place this summer on CBS. But due to the coronavirus pandemic that has put a halt on filming around the country, delays in producing new episodes of the reality competition have surfaced.

If this was a typical summer, the BB22 cast would have already been introduced, the season premiere would have already aired, and fans would be debating on social media about who should become the Big Brother 22 winner.

With questions about when the show might finally get to debut this summer — one former houseguest doesn’t think it will happen — fans have become desperate for any information about when BB22 might finally start.

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As we previously reported, CBS has a secret show airing on Sunday, July 12. Is this where the network plans to reveal information about the BB22 cast? One source says yes, but it’s all just a lot of educated guessing right now.

With all of the conjecture online, especially from people claiming to know who is going to be playing the game this summer, one fansite decided to crack a hilarious joke about the entire situation.

Hamsterwatch reveals BB22 cast information

Dingo’s Hamsterwatch is a site that has kept people updated on what has been going on inside the Big Brother house for years. The site also has a very strong presence on social media, where they post images of what happens on the Big Brother live feeds.

Now, as shown in the amusing image below, they have revealed everything that has been confirmed about the Big Brother 22 season. Hint: it’s not a lot.

Secret BB22 cast information. Pic credit: @hamsterwatch/Twitter

When could Big Brother 22 take place?

CBS and show producers likely have all of the information when it comes to plans on producing a new season of the reality competition show. Keeping that information under wraps could also be part of the plan.

With the pandemic affecting nearly every form of television shows that don’t have 90 Day Fiance in the title, it’s difficult to project a production schedule. The state of California also plays a large role in how it could play out.

There are still reports that CBS is working toward getting the show on TV before the end of July. That would allow for time to quarantine the BB22 cast members and to get everything situated for a safe summer in the house.

At the same time, there is still a lot up in the air, with an outside chance that everything could get canceled if a continued spike of people contracting the virus still exists.

The hope is that production can create a safe bubble for the cast, crew, and everyone else involved with the show. But, for now, a lot is still unsettled.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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