Big Brother 22 spoilers: CBS may have a special episode already scheduled

BB2015 Cast
The Big Brother 17 cast enters the house for the first time. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 spoilers may reveal some huge news about the summer 2020 season. In the updated television schedule from CBS, there is a block of time set aside for a yet to be announced program.

There is conjecture online that this block of time has to do with the Big Brother 22 season, and it has fans buzzing about the possibilities. Could this be a season premiere? Maybe a BB22 cast introduction?

Is this the first Big Brother 22 episode?

On Sunday, July 12, CBS has a mystery show scheduled for 8/7c. It is currently just listed as “To Be Announced,” with no further explanation given about the Sunday night plans.

That one hour block of time is right before the familiar Sunday night programming of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

If there had been no delays to the Big Brother 22 schedule, new episodes of the show would likely be airing each Sunday night. In the past, the Sunday 8/7c time slot has been right where the reality competition show aired.

Adding an interesting wrinkle to it all is a post on social media from someone who has followed the show for years. Below is a Twitter post that writer Alex Kidwell shared that has certainly helped create even more buzz.

In the post, he states, “OK yeah Big Brother fans are for sure gonna want to mark that ‘TBA’ programming scheduled for July 12, 8PM on their calendars. It’s not a premiere but it’s definitely something #BB22.”

Alex BB22
Alex Kidwell gives Big Brother fans a huge hint. Pic credit: @alexkidwell/Twitter

BB22 cast revelation coming from CBS?

For a while now, there have been online rumors about who might appear on the BB22 cast. Former winner Evel Dick Donato even made a prediction about who would get evicted first.

If the Big Brother 22 rumors about former houseguests returning in a sort-of All-Stars season are true, then CBS hosting a special on July 12 would make even more sense. Maybe it’s an opportunity for people to vote on who gets to play the game this summer?

Survivor did something similar to that for one of its seasons. Fans got to pick some of their favorite former castaways to have the chance to play the game again. Big Brother has also tried that on a smaller scale, with the BBOTT cast having one fan-selected player.

It’s also possible that the July 12 time slot has nothing to do with Big Brother. Maybe CBS is getting ready to debut a new season of The Amazing Race. It’s already been taped, and it is just waiting for a chance to air.

A Big Brother 19 houseguest also doesn’t think that CBS can pull off a season due to the health situation going on around the country. But we all certainly hope that the network can figure out a way to do it safely.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Debbie Morgan
Debbie Morgan
4 years ago

Cant wait