When will Big Brother start? Fans ready for BB22 cast, start date may have been revealed

Victor And Will
Victor Arroyo could be good on a Big Brother All-Stars season. Pic credit: CBS

So, when will Big Brother start this summer? As fans clamor for more information about the BB22 cast, there may actually be an official start date in the minds of CBS executives.

A podcast for Us Weekly may have revealed some of the specifics that people are looking for this month. As the original start date for the show was likely to be this week, fans want to know when they can expect the next season of Big Brother to start.

When will Big Brother start?

According to the podcast, CBS is working toward a July 22 season premiere. That would be a Wednesday night debut and it would fall right in line with what show producers have done in the past.

Following what was done with the past few seasons, that could allow for a two-hour premiere on Wednesday night and then a second episode on Thursday, July 23.

CBS has not announced whether the plan is to return to the familiar presentation of episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but it would definitely make sense with the summer programming at the network.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that even perceived start dates could get pushed back during the pandemic.

When would BB22 cast be sequestered?

If the intent is to have the Big Brother 22 season premiere on July 22, then the cast would need to get sequestered a while before that. Assuming that health protocols need to be set up, the new cast may be required to sequester for two weeks or longer.

With all of that in mind, it’s possible that the BB22 cast could already be sequestered by the beginning of July. Then, the houseguests would start playing the game a few days before the season premiere airs on CBS.

What does sequestering mean on Big Brother?

When a cast is ready to start playing Big Brother, they are removed from the outside world and blocked from the internet, watching TV, interacting with family, or anything else that could influence the game. The term used in this instance is sequestered to explain their removal from the real world.

Each season, producers put the new casts inside the house early in order to gain enough footage for the first few episodes. Allowing for the extra time to pre-tape also means that a lot can take place before the Big Brother live feeds ever get turned on.

Who is on the Big Brother 22 cast?

It’s tricky to try to figure out who is going to take part in the Big Brother 2020 season. Cast members are not allowed to post on social media that they have been accepted, so if it is a group of returning houseguests, fans may have to dig into the information available to figure it out.

What we do know is a few of the names who aren’t playing the game this summer. Da’Vonne Rogers just stated on social media that she isn’t returning, despite some rumors suggesting she was.

We also know that Swaggy C has other summer plans and he has stated that he won’t be on this season. But outside out of those two former players, there are still a lot of other potential names who might be up to the challenge.

Maybe Morgan Willett should get an invite? Could Donny Thompson be back? Stay tuned folks, because we will make sure to pass on any confirmed cast lists that we see.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Ronald Angelo Jr
Ronald Angelo Jr
3 years ago

As long as Paul doesn’t come back, I’m all in!!