Big Brother 22 rumors: Swaggy C reveals his summer plans

Swaggy And Bay
Chris Williams (Swaggy C) and Bayleigh Dayton were on BB20. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 rumors about the summer 2020 cast continue to float around, but one former houseguest has given confirmation of his short-term plans.

Swaggy C, who participated as part of the Big Brother 20 cast with fiancee Bayleigh Dayton, has been one of the names rumored to be returning as part of the BB22 cast.

This week, though, he revealed what his plans are going to be and his responses may end up being a bit surprising to a lot of fans of the show.

Swaggy C and the Big Brother 22 rumors

While taking part in the Challenge Mania podcast on Tuesday, Swaggy C (his real name is Chris Williams) spoke about being on The Challenge, what he is up to right now, and also Bayleigh Dayton.

One of the topics of conversation that was quite interesting was Big Brother 22.

“I would not go back right now. I know there’s all these rumors about all-stars season 2. Swaggy C is not on that,” he said during the podcast. “I can’t afford to leave the business and me trading and all that stuff right now. I’m 100 percent guaranteed not on that. I can’t right now.”

If he is telling the truth, then that should put an end to all of the Big Brother 22 rumors that had linked Swaggy C to a return to the game. It also pokes a hole in several rumors about Swaggy C and Bayleigh returning to compete as a couple.

While it may be a disappointing piece of news for Swaggy C fans that he isn’t going to be taking part in the Big Brother 2020 season, he will still show up on reality television this summer.

Swaggy C and Bayleigh are going to appear on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. That is a reality show that follows brides as they try to find the perfect dress for their wedding. The new season gets started very soon on TLC.

Big Brother 22 rumors roll on

The confirmation that Swaggy C won’t be part of the BB22 cast isn’t going to stop all of the rumors that are crisscrossing social media. But it does follow Da’Vonne Rogers making a similar statement. She posted on her own social media account that she won’t be playing the game this summer, either.

Other names have also been mentioned and one that former winner Evel Dick Donato says is guaranteed to appear as part of the BB22 cast is Paul Abrahamian. Will Paul be back for his third attempt at winning the show?

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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