Big Brother veteran Da’Vonne Rogers confirms she is not coming back for BB22 cast

Da’Vonne Rogers made it to the BB18 jury. Pic credit: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 and Big Brother 18 wants fans to know that she is not part of the show this summer.

Amid a flurry of Big Brother 22 rumors crisscrossing social media, there was one theory that suggested Da’Vonne was going to take part in a season of just All-Stars.

Even a post that she put up on her account seemed to serve as a hint that she was about to join the BB22 cast.

It seems, though, that Da’Vonne was referencing something else on social media and that she won’t be getting introduced by host Julie Chen again this summer.

Da’Vonne Rogers confirms BB22 cast information

It was on her personal Twitter account that Da’Vonne posted a message that may have saddened some of her fans that have been keeping tabs on her since she was in the Big Brother house.

But maybe it wasn’t even her choice to be left off the BB22 cast? That might be something to take away from the sad face that she posted along with her message to fans.

Da’Vonne wrote, “Y’all please. I will NOT be on BIG BROTHER US this summer. I don’t want y’all looking forward to something that isn’t real. The gif was NOT related to BB.”

Her full post is shared below, and it has already received a lot of fan responses:

DaVonne Twitter Post
Da’Vonne won’t be part of the BB22 cast. Pic credit: @DayDaVonne/Twitter

Da’Vonne Rogers on BB17 and BB18

During the summer of 2015, Da’Vonne Rogers was announced as a member of the Big Brother 17 cast. The season was full of twists, including twins — Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan — switching places to confuse the rest of the cast.

Da’Vonne — she described herself as a poker dealer from California when the season started — was the second person voted out of the game. The Big Brother 17 winner ended up being Steve Moses, with Liz Nolan finishing as the runner-up and Vanessa Rousso sliding into third place.

Da’Vonne was invited back for Big Brother 18 and became a captain in a season of teams. The BB18 cast also included returners James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Frank Eudy as team-leaders. That time, Da’Vonne made it to 11th place, which was good enough to become a member of the BB18 jury.

Below is an interesting segment from the jury house that summer:

The Big Brother 18 winner was Nicole, who beat out Paul in the vote on the season finale.

Even if Da’Vonne isn’t a part of the Big Brother 22 season, there are strong indications that it will soon take place. That includes various cast lists getting posted on social media.

While we all wait to see the final members of the BB22 cast, this seems to confirm that Da’Vonne Rogers won’t be on that list.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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