Big Brother 22 start date: When will cast sequester and how soon will CBS series premiere?

BB20 Cast
Will former members of the BB20 cast be hanging out with host Julie Chen again? Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

A Big Brother 22 start date is something fans want to know as soon as possible. There is already a lot of speculation getting posted online, especially with all of the rumors about a potential All-Stars cast entering the house soon.

There is a lot of good news out there, but there are also likely some red herrings getting thrown into the mix by former houseguests and new Twitter accounts.

So far, CBS has not confirmed anything specific about the upcoming season. The network did take the step to assure fans that they are hard at work on making sure the summer 2020 season airs soon.

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The casting director also let everyone know that the final stage of putting together the BB22 cast had begun. That’s great news with a reality competition show like this one.

When is the Big Brother 22 start date?

Here is where things get tricky because educated guesses have to be made. We have to assume that the production schedule is a bit behind due to the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world.

California was approaching the point of loosening restrictions on how film crews and television shows can get back to work. That would make it much easier for the BB22 cast to enter the house and start playing the game.

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If we assume that the casting process is nearly complete and that many of the former houseguests that have been contacted have agreed to play the game, then it shouldn’t be too long before they can be sequestered.

That could set up a schedule where everyone could be sequestered by the end of June. After that, the process of getting the people inside the house and starting the filming can begin.

If there are going to be new health guidelines for the BB22 cast — like possible testing for COVID-19 — then the sequester could last as long as 14 days to make sure people remain symptom-free.

Following that schedule, the Big Brother 22 start date could then hit around mid-July. This could all mean that in less than a month, fans will find out who has joined the BB22 cast and how the summer 2020 schedule will look.

Who will be part of Big Brother 22 cast?

There are still a lot of rumors floating around about who might decide to join the BB22 cast. Donny Thompson seemed to hint at it on social media, Evel Dick has been sharing names of former Big Brother cast members that he claims are playing this summer, and people like former winner Morgan Willett need to be considered.

Stay tuned, as we will make sure to update viewers when specific information comes out from CBS, but until that point, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about a season starting soon.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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