Big Brother All-Stars 2: Former winners approached about joining BB22 cast this summer

Nicole BB22
Would Nicole Franzel come back for Big Brother: All-Stars 2? Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars may be returning to CBS. While working on the BB22 cast, it seems that producers may have approached former winners about playing during the summer 2020 season.

So, could Big Brother: All-Stars 2 really take place this summer? It’s possible, especially after the good news that came out about California loosening restrictions on television shows filming again.

We already knew that CBS wasn’t giving up on trying to put a season together for this summer. The network even released a statement that specifically referenced Big Brother, but they have still held a lot of information back.

Then we learned that the casting director had contacted semi-finalists who had wanted to become members of the BB22 cast. It all pointed toward some good news being on the horizon for fans of Big Brother.

But now, those familiar Big Brother All-Stars rumors have popped up again, this time stemming from a report that Us Magazine just posted online.

Will Big Brother: All-Stars 2 take place?

According to Us Magazine, they are in contact with many former winners that have been approached about taking part in a new season of Big Brother All-Stars. Some of those people have reportedly already declined.

It’s a tricky situation to put together the BB22 cast with what is going on around the country and there are likely a lot of potential houseguests that might be worried about their health.

Some fans of the show have wanted producers to put together a new All-Stars cast for a while now, while other viewers just want new people competing for the cash prize every summer. It’s a tricky balancing act for producers.

When it comes down to putting together the Big Brother 22 cast, though, the producers may be willing to take on a mixture of former houseguests and newbies in order to create an interesting piece of entertainment for CBS.

When is Big Brother 22 start date?

If everything was still on schedule, the Big Brother 22 start date would be at the end of June. As it stands, though, it is really unclear what day CBS and the show producers would be aiming for to get things started again.

There are going to be a lot of hoops that the show and its cast members will have to jump through to get production safely up and running, so potential delays on a Big Brother 22 start date might need to be expected.

With all the worries that the Big Brother 2020 season could have been canceled, this is really great news. Now, we can all start debating about who would be the best former houseguests to get invited back for another chance.

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3 years ago

No allstars no Nicole can’t stand her nasal voice just wont watch anymore.

3 years ago

If Scammy C and Bitter Bayleigh are cast members, I will not be watching a single episode until they are evicted, they were the 2 biggest racists on BB20