Big Brother 22 cast: Did Donny Thompson just hint at joining an All-Stars season?

Donny And Julie
Donny Thompson could soon visit with Julie Chen on Big Brother again. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast rumors now include Donny Thompson. A social media post he just made has some fans thinking that he could be invited back to take part in the Big Brother 2020 season.

Donny Thompson was part of the Big Brother 16 cast, where many viewers immediately became enamored with him. A lot of the people he worked with got voted out early, but Donny took on an underdog role that helped him survive.

As part of the Big Brother 2014 season, Donny was one of three members of Team America and he helped to carry out tasks that were voted on by the viewers. In that role, Donny worked with Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande.

Unfortunately for Donny, his alliance turned against him, leading to a unanimous eviction in Week 9 that sent him to the BB16 jury. Donny officially finished in eighth place for the season, with Derrick going on to be named the Big Brother 16 winner.

Donny Thompson on Big Brother: All-Stars?

As we previously reported, former winners of the show have been contacted about joining the BB22 cast and possibly taking part in Big Brother: All-Stars 2.

While Donny Thompson didn’t win his season, based on how much fan support he had that summer, is it possible that the producers contacted him about playing the game again?

Take a look at the social media post that Donny made today about the Big Brother 2020 season:

As the caption on his Instagram post above, Donny wrote “#BB22 is coming soon.” He ended it with a smiley face and a star. This definitely seems like something that would indicate he was invited to play on Big Brother: All-Stars 2.

Now, we have to make sure to also take everything with a grain of salt right now, because a lot of former houseguests love teasing fans about appearing on future seasons of the show. Is Donny just having a little fun with his supporters here?

Will Big Brother: All-Stars 2 take place this summer?

News out of California reveals that the production of television shows and films could get started up very soon. That would be a huge deal because it would mean the production team for Big Brother could get things rolling.

It would certainly be interesting to see the BB22 cast include someone like Donny Thompson, especially if it’s all former houseguests that are going to play this summer. We don’t know the details just yet, but the rumors about the show are really starting to get stirred up again.

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