Is Big Brother 2020 happening? CBS air date, BB22 cast hotly debated

Julie Chen Pool
Big Brother host Julie Chen could soon welcome the BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Is Big Brother 2020 happening? That’s the question a lot of CBS viewers are still asking.

The lack of a specific Big Brother 22 air date from the network has also added a lot of mystery to the situation, especially since the BB22 cast was supposed to be entering the house in June.

What do we know about Big Brother 2020 happening?

A report from earlier in June confirmed that former winners were getting contacted about becoming members of the BB22 cast. This followed the casting director saying semi-finalists for the cast had been notified.

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl also had good things to say about Big Brother 2020 happening this summer. He spoke about how short the turnaround time is to make episodes of the reality competition show.

Kahl also stated that he was “optimistic” about getting the BB22 cast on CBS this summer, even though he admitted that “it could be a little later than usual.” That was a strong hint that the first Big Brother 22 air date might happen later in the summer.

All of this is great news about the next season of the show making it to television, even with what has been going on around the country during the pandemic.

There might be a lot of hurdles for hopeful newbies or returning houseguests to get through — possibly including health screenings and quarantine before the game gets started — but this may be something that CBS works hard to achieve.

Lots of buzz about the BB22 cast

Meanwhile, the internet is still buzzing about who might be on the BB22 cast and which former winners fans would love to see playing the game again.

Fans are suggesting formats like inviting back all the former winners, having a season of just people who were voted out first, or having all the second-place finishers battle it out for a title.

A lot of Big Brother rumors also revolve around an All-Stars season taking place, with several former houseguests taking to social media to claim that they have already seen the BB22 cast list.

One of the most vocal people has been Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato, who has posted many comments on social media about who he says is part of the summer 2020 season. He even predicted who would go home first.

But back to the question of whether Big Brother 2020 is happening or not. CBS, former houseguests, the production team, possible newbies, and fans all want it to take place.

The plan is for the season to happen, but a specific Big Brother 22 air date hasn’t been revealed yet. We may all have to wait a bit longer to learn that exact information with the health situation going on around the country, but there has been no indication that Big Brother 2020 is canceled.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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3 years ago

When will big brother come on

3 years ago

Was so looking forward to big brother this summer until I learned its returning players. Won’t be watching if it is.