Is Big Brother going to be on this summer? Everything we know so far

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Will members of the Big Brother 16 cast get brought back? Pic credit: CBS

Is Big Brother going to be on this summer?

It’s the question many fans are asking as the announcement of the BB22 cast continues to be delayed.

The health situation around the world has caused many production delays for the television industry, and Big Brother is just one of those shows.

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Typically, the Big Brother 22 season would have already begun. The season premiere usually airs at the end of June. By now, the BB22 cast would have been deep into the summer competition.

A lot of fans have begun to doubt that a season will even take place. The sentiment was echoed by former Big Brother 19 cast member Cody Nickson.

As we recently reported, the constant delays may mean a shorter season and smaller cast.

Is Big Brother going to be on this summer?

The plan at CBS is for production to still take place.

Even though there have been some delays, the new tentative plan is for the Big Brother 22 start date to fall on August 5.

An August 5 start date would mean that the BB22 cast will enter the house later in July, giving them time to go through medical tests and quarantine before the season starts.

The network has already contacted former Big Brother winners and houseguests to compete. Before everything was shut down, new potential houseguests were also submitting applications and being interviewed.

As it stands, no one has been officially confirmed as a BB22 cast member. The people slated to join the show this summer likely already know that information, but we haven’t seen as many credible cast list leaks as in the past.

Reports have indicated that this will indeed be an All-Stars season, but the term could be stretched a bit in order to get recognizable houseguests from the past back in the front door.

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Big Brother 22 rumors

Despite CBS and the production team keeping a lot of information under wraps, many Big Brother 22 rumors still crisscross social media. Recent ones involved Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes likely trolling fans.

Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato stated on social media that another former winner was left off the BB22 cast and that they weren’t pleased about it.

Then there are the rumors about Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark — former winners who have appeared on The Challenge for MTV — who had allegedly been partying it up in Florida rather than quarantining or social distancing.

The Big Brother 22 rumors aren’t going to slow down, but that may be a good sign that buzz for the show continues to be good and that CBS has every reason to make sure new episodes air as soon as possible.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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3 years ago

I have no interest is seeing old houseguests! The seasons in past when they came back we’re duds! Give us some new people. I swear if you put Rachel or her “man”, I’ll never watch again! How about some newbies? All newbies!