Big Brother 22: Are Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina just trolling fans?

Britney And Janelle
Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina had fun on BB14. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast rumors have included Britney Haynes (now Britney Godwin) and Janelle Pierzina (now Janelle DeSanto) for a while now. That’s why people took notice when the two ladies headed out on a trip together.

Britney was a member of the Big Brother 12 cast before getting invited back as a coach on Big Brother 14. Janelle finished third place on Big Brother 6 before getting invited back for All-Stars and to also join the BB14 cast.

After their time in the Big Brother house, Britney and Janelle also took on The Amazing Race and have become good friends outside the world of reality competition shows.

Both ladies have also found happiness in their personal lives and are married with kids.

Are Britney and Janelle part of BB22 cast?

There are a lot of Big Brother rumors right now, including stories about the cast already getting sequestered and CBS being ready to air a secret episode of the show. If the BB22 cast got sequestered, then it would mean people already traveled to California.

Earlier in the week, Britney and Janelle each participated on Instagram with posts that suggested they were taking a trip together. For some social media users, it seemed like a way for the ladies to subtly confirm they were playing the game again.

But it may have just been Britney trolling her fans and reaching out to Janelle to help her with the ruse.

Below is what showed up on the Instagram Story for Brtiney Haynes:

Britney Troll
Britney Haynes hints at a trip. Pic credit: @Britney_Haynes/Instagram

Janelle didn’t miss a beat. After getting linked by Britney on her stories, Janelle logged on to leave the message in the image below:

Janelle Hoax
Janelle joins Britney on social media. Pic credit: @Britney_Haynes/Instagram

BB22 cast rumors will only continue

Since CBS has been pretty quiet about specific plans for the summer 2020 season, it has opened the door to even more rumors on social media than normal.

There was even a new story from Evel Dick Donato where he stated that one former winner was not pleased with getting left off the BB22 cast list.

In regard to Britney and Janelle, the ladies would be interesting additions to the cast, but it really seems like they are trolling fans.

On her Instagram page, Janelle Pierzina posted an image where she alluded to being at a lake house on a vacation. And then, on the Fourth of July, Britney Haynes shared an image of her three kids enjoying sparklers.

The ladies could certainly have other people controlling their social media accounts while they are sequestered as part of the Big Brother 22 cast, but it might just be a lot of fun for them to troll fans right now.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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