The Challenge: All Stars cast member struggles with daily mission in Episode 5 sneak peek footage

eric banks darrell taylor and aneesa ferreira in the challenge all stars episode 5
Big Easy, Darrell, and Aneesa work as part of a team in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

In The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5, the cast will be tasked with another tough daily mission, forcing competitors to work together effectively as a group.

This one looks like it will put the OG stars to the test, as it involves transporting a heavy object across the terrain, with a major catch to prevent a disqualification.

Based on the sneak peek footage ahead of the episode, at least one cast member is going to struggle, surprising castmates due to that individual’s impressive physique.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 has cast carrying heavy load

In the first episode of the All Stars spinoff season, the competitors were split into two teams of 11 for the Deep Blue Dive. In additional episodes, they were working as individuals or in smaller teams of four to five players.

In the new preview footage for All Stars Episode 5, they’ll be working in those sort of groups, as they are responsible for moving a heavy tree log together. It seems part of the objective is that cast members can’t let the tree touch the ground, or they’ll disqualify themselves from the daily challenge.

In the preview clip (below), the first-place team consists of Mark Long, Aneesa Ferreira, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, Darrell Taylor, and Katie Cooley. They seem to be at a good pace, although Katie details their struggles.

“We’re all tired. I’m breathing like a farm animal. Aneesa’s panting, but we just don’t want to give up,” she says during a confessional interview. 

The third-place team features Alton Williams, Jemmye Carroll, Jonna Mannion, Beth Stolarczyk, and Syrus Yarbrough. Unfortunately for them, Alton is having issues with the challenge and desperately wants a break. His teammates encourage him to do certain things to make sure they can keep moving as he rests a bit.

The team tries to come up with an effective plan to take a rest break, by resting the large tree on their legs. Syrus is perplexed by what’s going on with Alton, though.

“Something’s going on. There’s no way that this perfect physical specimen is on his freakin’ knees, and here I am, 50 years old doing it,” he comments.

Alton has winning elimination record and season of The Challenge

The 41-year-old Alton got his start back on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas in 2002, alongside All Stars castmates Arissa Hill and Trishelle Cannatella. He competed on four seasons of The Challenge, making his debut on The Gauntlet in 2003.

He made it to three finals and won The Gauntlet 2 as part of the Rookies team. That team split up $300,000 in prize money. However, on The Challenge: All Stars, the cast members are competing for $500,000, which goes to one sole winner.

That makes it imperative he performs well for his team, especially if he’s one of the captains. In previous episodes of All Stars, a captain for a losing team would automatically go into the elimination at The Arena.

Even if that’s the case, Alton holds an impressive 5-1 overall record in eliminations over his four Challenge seasons. Based on the preview footage and the trailer, it appears he’s going to figure into this episode’s storyline heavily, so that could foreshadow Alton being amongst male competitors looking at elimination.

When the fifth episode arrives, viewers will find out whether or not Alton finds himself at The Arena standing with host TJ Lavin and awaiting an opponent for potential elimination.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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