The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast member elimination, potential rookie vs. veteran drama

cast members for the challenge double agents season
The Challenge cast awaits TJ Lavin’s instructions for a daily challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Based on some of The Challenge Season 37 spoilers for the upcoming season, there’s been drama amongst the cast with rookies trying to go after veteran competitors.

Recent speculation indicates that a former winner returned as a replacement as another competitor was disqualified. In addition, eliminations have been taking place regularly.

Be forewarned as spoilers will follow for Season 37 with cast member names, elimination reveals, and mention of a possible DQ.

The Challenge Season 37 cast member eliminated

Just like previous seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, Season 37 will feature eliminations to see who’s the best of the best in the game. It still appears losing competitors are sent home, and the Season 37 format doesn’t have Skulls of any type.

That said, several rookie competitors did quite well to stick around on the Double Agents season, including Amber M, Gabby Allen, and Amber Borzotra, who all made it relatively deep into the game.

Other rookies ended up going home early in eliminations or due to other reasons. Examples included Natalie Anderson leaving due to an unexpected pregnancy and Lio Rush leaving for personal reasons, including his own mental health. Rookie Lolo Jones exited later on because she couldn’t win a Gold Skull or daily challenge. She chose to focus on preparing for the Winter Olympics instead.

Elimination spoilers have been arriving regularly through a Vevmo forum thread and via Instagram posts at various Challenge insider or fan accounts. In the latest, it appears rookie Gabor “Gabo” Szabo lost in an elimination. It’s unknown who beat him during that or which event it was.

Gabo was from the reality series Warsaw Shore, a Polish reality TV series that MTV runs. As one might guess, it’s a Polish version of America’s Jersey Shore series. Gabo, a Hungarian celebrity, first appeared on Season 12 of the series.

Rookie DQ, replacement, and cast drama?

The above Instagram post also points out a few other spoilers of note. Rookie Lauren Coogan who hails from Oxford, England, and appeared on Love Island US 2, was disqualified from The Challenge Season 37. No details have arrived about why she was DQd.

Her rumored replacement in the Season 37 cast is Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra. So the Big Brother star will return to try to capture a second-straight win on The Challenge.

Meanwhile, Lauren Coogan may have had drama with another veteran who is part of The Challenge Season 37. She tweeted several days ago with an interesting comment and GIF.

“If you know you’ve been good to someone and they did you very wrong, just know, how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. God works in mysterious ways,” Lauren tweeted.

challenge rookie tweets possibly about season 37 cast member
Pic credit: @LaurenCoogan/Twitter

At least one commenter suggests that the above GIF has to do with Aneesa Ferreira, but that’s unconfirmed.

It should be interesting to see why Lauren DQd, though. In past seasons of The Challenge, cast members were disqualified for a physical altercation with someone or if they made inappropriate or insensitive comments toward a cast member. There’s also the potential it was a medical disqualification, but it’s not specified.

Based on other Challenge spoilers via the Vevmo thread, Lauren was teammates with Josh Martinez ahead of the show’s second quarantine. That arrived after a cast member reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, forcing production to shut things down for a bit and put all of the cast into quarantine.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV for 2021.

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