The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra reflects on Double Agents season, praises teammates and castmates

amber borzotra with chris ct tamburello at the challenge double agents final
The Challenge: Double Agents’ Amber Borzotra with teammate Chris “CT” Tamburello at the final. Pic credit: MTV

It was quite a season for the veterans and rookies on The Challenge: Double Agents, as there was plenty of drama, blindsiding, backstabbing, and tough competitions.

When all was said and done, two of the competitors finished TJ Lavin’s final in first place, splitting a sweet prize of $900,000 between them.

Rookie Amber Borzotra was part of the winning team in the final, as she ran it alongside, or at times, ahead of veteran Chris “CT” Tamburello. She recently took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on a successful first season.

Amber Borzotra had successful rookie season on The Challenge

Amber Borzotra, also known as Amber B. until Amber M was eliminated, wowed fans with her abilities in her first season of The Challenge. While she wasn’t winning the dailies, she made a name for herself as a tough competitor in eliminations at The Crater. Amber went 2-0 in her rookie season for eliminations, both of which were Hall Brawl events.

After starting as four-time champ Darrell Taylor’s teammate, the former Big Brother star teamed up briefly with Fessy Shafaat and Kyle Christie. After Kyle’s elimination, she became CT’s partner by default. Not a bad default option, as CT had won three Challenge seasons before Double Agents.

Amber and CT outpaced and dominated their fellow competitors in the final, which included Cory Wharton with Kam Williams, Nany Gonzalez with Leroy Garrett, and Fessy with Kaycee Clark. In the end, Amber proved to her fellow Big Brother stars that they quite possibly underestimated her place in their alliance.

Amber comments on Double Agents season and final

After winning the Season 36 final, Amber posted to her official Instagram post. In her caption, she detailed the mental and physical struggle, praised her castmates, and showed appreciation for her two former champion teammates during the season.

“The Challenge is exactly that, a challenge. Mentally and physically! My experience has been something to tell my future kids about and a once (well hopefully not just once) in a lifetime experience. The friends I’ve made have been worth it alone since the things that hold the greatest value to me are relationships, kindness and truth over anything else,” Amber shared in part of her caption.

She added that she was “sending love and light” to all of her Double Agents castmates, despite how the game was played in the house. That probably included a few moves she made earlier in the season where she had to play sneaky, raising suspicions amongst rookie castmates Amber M and Gabby Allen.

Amber praises her ‘2 Champs’ as partners, ‘Final Family’

While Amber may have looked dominant in terms of the running and endurance aspect of the final, having the veteran experience of CT Tamburello also helped quite a bit. He was able to solve most of the puzzles or anything involving math quickly. He has also shown that he has a strategic mind that not as many others have when it comes to competing on The Challenge.

Before CT, Amber had Darrell Taylor through the majority of her rookie season to give her valuable feedback and someone to listen to her venting or discussing problems. Darrell, who won his first four seasons of The Challenge, acted as a mentor for the rookie through Season 36, and Amber believes they could run a final in the future.

“I had 2 Champs at my side encouraging me and me them. @darrell_taylor_lb4lb thank you for everything you taught me to make it to the end in order to win, you deserve every Challenge you’ve won and I can’t wait to run a final with you in the future, LET’S GO!!” Amber said to Darrell in her IG post.

She also praised CT, who became her partner just ahead of TJ’s final. They hadn’t worked together yet, but seemed to have a good working relationship as they moved through the various checkpoints ahead of their opponents.

“And CT, we f*****g did that and we balanced each other out perfectly. The “old man” (your words) and the rookie…Who would’ve thought?” Amber said of her teammate in the final.

She also didn’t forget about her opponents from that grueling final. She gave all of them a shout-out in her IG post as well, explaining that being in the final together created a special bond and friendships.

“I love you!! I’m so proud of you all for putting everything you had into that final and was so happy to run it with you. You are a powerful force to be reckoned with!” Amber shared.

Amber also mentioned, “y’all are stuck with me now,” as far as her Challenge family goes. It seems highly likely that fans will see her back for a future installment, as she’s certainly proven herself to be one of the best young stars on MTV’s competition series.

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion airs Wednesday, April 28 at 8/7c on MTV.

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