The Challenge: All Stars finalist suggests there should’ve been two winners for spinoff season

the challenge all stars finalists during episode 9
TJ Lavin speaks to finalists during The Challenge: All Stars season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Following the release of The Challenge: All Stars finale, cast members reacted to the episode and offered praise or congratulations to the spinoff show’s champion. However, some All Stars cast members may not be quite so content with the season’s results.

The close of the episode featured all competitors cheering together atop a mountain, but the story doesn’t necessarily end with that moment.

At least one of the All Stars finalists is weighing in after what went down in Argentina, calling out the format of the final having only one winner.

Keep in mind, spoilers will follow in this report including the names of The Challenge: All Stars finalists and winner.

The Challenge: All Stars had points format, one winner

At the start of The Challenge: All Stars it was known that there was a prize of $500,000 on the line and only one winning cast member. TJ Lavin informed the cast upon their initial meetup outside in Argentina that it was an individual game, even though they would be working in teams throughout the season.

When it came to the All Stars final, there were 12 competitors left of the original 22 OG cast members. Part of the rules was they’d be pairing up with a different partner of the opposite sex for each mini-challenge in the final. They’d basically have to work with every person of the opposite sex at some point along the way. That was, until the last leg of the final.

The last part of the final was done individually and was a race to get to the finish line atop a huge, steep mountain. TJ also informed everyone it was worth double the points. The prior missions where competitors worked as teammates were worth five points for first place, four points for second place, and so forth.

Early in the episode, a standings graphic appeared on screen and revealed that Yes Duffy and Darrell were tied with 18 points for their totals. KellyAnne Judd and Jonna Mannion weren’t too far behind the men. However, the remaining tasks and the final leg really benefitted Yes. He won the last leg, the climb to the top of the mountain, and that gave him two points more than second-place finisher Darrell Taylor.

Yes, who is the All Stars champion, finished with 31 points to Darrell’s 29. Meanwhile, KellyAnne and Jonna tied for third place with 24 points each. In the end, Yes walked away with $500,000, while the rest of the competitors had the satisfaction of completing the final.

Competitor calls out format of TJ’s final

Following the episode’s release, KellyAnne Judd took to Twitter to call out the format of the All Stars season. It seems the competitor in her believes two winners may have worked better for the spinoff since there were “no equalizers.”

“Let’s keep it 100 If there was only going to be one winner with no equalizers, then we shouldn’t have had separate days for guy and girl eliminations. Like who cares if @KendalSheppard was a threat to the women if the guys could still beat her up a mountain #TheChallengeAllStars,” KellyAnne tweeted, then shared on her Instagram Story.

She also tagged castmates Kendal Sheppard, Jisela Delgado, Aneesa Ferreira, Ruthie Alcaide, Jemmye Carroll, and Jonna Mannion in the IG Story slide. All of them, except for Kendal, competed in the final.

the challenge kellyanne judd calls out final in tweet
Pic credit: @KellyAnneJudd/Instagram Story

KellyAnne may have a solid point, especially when one compares All Stars to the recent MTV season of The Challenge. With Double Agents, it was a team game with a pairing of a male and female. Four teams ran the final, with the first-place team getting to split $900,000. Second place even took home a bit of money, while the other teams left empty-handed.

Perhaps the format will change up a bit for The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, which already appears to be in the works.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode arrives Thursday, May 3 on Paramount Plus.

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