The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello reveals cast member she’d ‘punch in the face,’ future marriage plans

the challenge star cara maria sorbello during wotw2 proposal
Cara Maria Sorbello during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 proposal segment Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello hasn’t been on a season in a few years now but still keeps in touch with fans through Instagram about what she’s up to in her life, which includes boyfriend Paulie Calafiore.

She recently gave some interesting replies to fan questions, including comments about marriage in the future and an infamous moment on the show it seems like she now regrets.

The nine-time finalist and two-time Challenge winner revealed which cast member she’d “punch in the face,” and her answer seems telling in terms of where Cara’s at since her time away from the show.

Cara Maria comments about her infamous WOTW2 moment

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season featured Team USA vs. Team UK battling it out in daily challenges and the final. However, even though competitors were on a specific team, it didn’t mean they were all supporting one another. Cara Maria, Paulie, Kam, and others formed a huge alliance to get rid of fellow teammates Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal.

They tried but failed and one elimination was epic after Jordan won. He dropped down to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Tori, making for a memorable Challenge moment. However, while almost all cast members applauded and cheered, Cara made rude remarks about it to Paulie.

“She’s gonna be paying for that ring when he sabotages our team,”  Cara said, causing Paulie to ask if she was serious.

Fast forward to 2021, and that season was the most recent appearance fans have seen from Cara on The Challenge. However, she brought up that moment when asked which cast member she’d “punch in the face hard,” and it wasn’t Jordan, Tori, or Paulie.

“Well, along with the rest of America, myself,” Cara said in her candid reply to a fan’s question on her Instagram Story.

“Big punch right to the face for that whole, uh, whispering about the wedding proposal,” she added, chuckling about it.

In a follow-up Instagram story video (below), she spoke a bit more about that, saying fans were “all up in” her DMs, telling her, “Cara, I hated you so much” for that incident.

“You guys are all up in my DMs being like, ‘Cara, I hated you so much, but you know what? You were right. You were right about a lot of things,’ and here’s the thing. Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you should say things. So, I’m learning. Shut up,” she said about her WOTW2 comments.

While Jordan and Tori were engaged for some time, including through the Total Madness season, they officially split up after Tori returned home from filming Season 36, Double Agents. So that is likely what Cara is referring to with people saying she was right. Even so, it seems like she regrets saying what she did, as it has probably brought her some extra hate over the comments she made.

Are The Challenge’s Cara and Paulie planning to get married?

Cara, who won the Battle of the Bloodlines and Vendettas seasons of The Challenge, has been dating Paulie Calafiore for a while. The two are seen spending a lot of time together and sharing what they do on social media often. That included their recent holiday trip to visit another Challenge couple, Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett.

It has prompted fans to wonder if the two might get married someday, and it appears the answer to that is yes, but not until they’ve achieved some other important goals they have set.

“Do you see marriage in your future with Paulie?” a fan asked Cara on Instagram.

“Priorities. We are crushing this goal list first! Money and success first, and a wedding to celebrate it all in the end. It will be the cherry on our life cake,” Cara replied to the fan’s question.

As seen below, Cara shared a photo of “10 Goals Before the Age of 40” and commented she and Paulie have each accomplished at least seven of them.

cara maria sorbello speaks about marriage plans with paulie calafiore
Pic credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram Story

The two reality TV stars seem to be enjoying their life outside of MTV’s competition series. However, winning The Challenge may be the 11th goal on Paulie’s list, as he’s previously commented about returning to the show to get his first win. As far as Cara Maria goes, she seems to not have as much to prove there but could appear on All Stars in a future season. 

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for MTV in 2021.

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