Swaggy C on The Challenge: What we know about Total Madness rookie from Big Brother

swaggy c on the challenge
Christopher ‘Swaggy C’ Williams appears on MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness. Pic credit: MTV

Newcomer Swaggy C on The Challenge: Total Madness brings previous reality competition experience to the new season, along with a relationship.

That may or may not help him along as he tries to navigate all of the weekly competitions, alliances, deals, eliminations, and shady moves taking place.

Here’s more of what we know about rookie competitor Swaggy C on The Challenge.

Swaggy C the basketball player

Swaggy C’s real name is Christopher Jordan “Chris” Williams. He was born on February 17, 1995, so that makes him 25 on his first season of The Challenge.

He hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and has worked as a daytrader. Swaggy also works as an entrepreneur and social media marketer.

He attended Kolbe Cathedral High School and Saint Peter’s University.

Swaggy checks in at 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds and is a former high school and college basketball player. So that probably gives him some help with the physical aspects of The Challenge.

He posted some highlight clips on Instagram showing himself in the gym shooting and performing layups, along with a product pitch in typical Swaggy C fashion.

In addition to the clip above, Swaggy also has a video showing himself in a one-on-one game against fellow Challenge competitor Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat.

That game was a charity event reportedly to help raise money for Big Brother 19’s Kevin Schlehuber, who was diagnosed with cancer.

Check out the video here to see how Swaggy vs. Fessy went down on the hardwood.

Swaggy C wasn’t popular with many Big Brother fans

He appeared on CBS’ Big Brother 20 in 2018. However, Swaggy C became a controversial and disliked castmember on his season of Big Brother. That was due to his confidence, which could sometimes border on cockiness.

He also brought Swaggy C brand t-shirts into the BB house, which members of his alliance or friends wore. So that merchandise push didn’t warm him up to everyone either.

Swaggy was the second player evicted out of the 16 competitors in the Big Brother house. Still, his alliance remained around and was able to influence the competition moving forward.

The fact that he remained relevant after his departure had a large number of Big Brother fans disliking Swaggy C.

However, he still has some fans, and there may be those watching The Challenge who will get a fresh perspective outside of BB20.

Swaggy C and Bayleigh’s relationship

Part of Swaggy C’s Big Brother 20 alliance involved a showmance with Bayleigh Dayton. While he didn’t win the BB20 show, he did win her affection as the two continue that relationship beyond the reality show.

Not only did it continue, but it blossomed into more, and there was eventually a proposal, engagement, and yes, wedding bells.

According to a YouTube video, the two officially married on Swaggy C’s birthday. Their marriage was also a secret at first, arriving back in February of last year.

That means Swaggy C and Bayleigh enter The Challenge: Total Madness not only as rookies but as husband and wife. Another power couple team joins them in Jordan Wiseley Wiseley and Tori Deal.

Fans may remember Jordan’s big proposal to Tori on last season’s War of the Worlds.

That could put a target on Swaggy C and Bayleigh’s back unless they find a way to align themselves with other Challenge competitors who have more power in the game.

Where to follow Swaggy C on social

Fans can get more insight into Swaggy C’s hobbies, interests, and personal life through his various social media accounts.

In addition to playing basketball, Swaggy listed his other hobbies on his BB20 bio. They include working out, traveling, and entertaining people on his Snapchat.

While that is difficult to find, his other social media accounts are easily available. That includes his official Instagram page with 126,000 followers, as of this report.

On his @SwaggyCTV Twitter page, he has been tweeting his reactions to The Challenge, among other topics.

The YouTube channel Swayleigh Gang features videos about Swaggy and Bayleigh’s personal life. He also has a SwaggyCTV YouTube channel. On that channel, he mostly gives people trading tips for Forex.

Otherwise, fans can watch him on MTV’s competition show each week to see what happens next for Swaggy C and Bayleigh.

Watch The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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