The Challenge: Double Agents’ Gabby Allen comments about her possible return, favorite parts of the show

gabby allen on the challenge double agents
The UK’s Gabby Allen was amongst the rookie cast members on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents season saw many promising rookies arrive at the start of the scene, some of whom lasted longer into Season 37 than others.

That included Gabby Allen, who showed herself to be a pretty strong competitor, but unfortunately, lost to an experienced veteran on the show when she finally went into an elimination at The Crater.

She was part of the recent Double Agents reunion to discuss some drama and situations that involved a few castmates. Now that the season’s over, many fans might be wondering if she’ll return for The Challenge. She recently responded to fans to say what she enjoyed most from the show and if she’d return to compete if called to appear again.

Gabby revealed favorite parts of being on The Challenge

Like many of the newer Challenge stars, Gabby Allen got her start on at least one or more other reality TV shows. Before competing on Double Agents, Gabby appeared on Love Island UK 3 and Celebrity Big Brother UK edition.

A day ago, Gabby, who is a health and fitness enthusiast, told fans to ask her anything on her Instagram Story. She shared a bunch of them on her IG Story. That included questions about diet, exercise, boyfriend Brandon, and even a few reality TV questions.

“Best part about each show you’ve done??” a fan asked, and Gabby provided the details on her IG Story’s slide (below).

She went on to say she was “very grateful” for “the aftermath, what come from it” from her appearance on Love Island. With Celebrity Big Brother, she seemed excited she got to leave eventually, but liked reaching the final.

Her answer for The Challenge was about all of the memorable missions and activities she participated in. That included hanging off a helicopter and hanging off a cliff. The 29-year-old competitor even included “eating ram testicles,” which could be a joke or subtle jab at castmate Fessy Shafaat, who was not a fan of the eating challenges.

the challenge rookie gabby allen answers fan questions instagram
Pic credit: @gabbydawnallen/Instagram

Will Gabby return for The Challenge Season 37?

Based on Gabby’s answer as far as what she liked most from The Challenge, one would think she’ll be back for more. However, she answered another fan’s question about returning and didn’t seem to give a clear indication.

“Would you do another season of The Challenge if called?” was another fan’s question that Gabby showed on an IG Story slide.

“I was called,” Gabby put as her answer, which lets fans know that she’s definitely someone production wanted to return. Her answer is unclear as far as ever returning to the show, though.

the challenge double agents rookie gabby allen answers fan ig question
Pic credit: @gabbydawnallen/Instagram

As many viewers saw on Double Agents, Gabby started the season as fellow rookie Lio Rush’s partner until he decided to leave the season for personal reasons. Gabby teamed up with Devin Walker for several episodes and won a daily challenge before he was eliminated. In addition, she was partners with Cory Wharton for a short while before Nany Gonzalez eliminated her in Episode 13.

The Double Agents reunion featured Gabby appearing via Zoom video for several segments. That included discussing her and Fessy Shafaat’s brief romance and talking about fellow rookie Amber Borzotra’s shady gameplay.

During the discussion of Gabby and Fessy, they agreed they live too far apart for anything to happen after the show. Gabby also mentioned being happy with her current boyfriend, Brandon Myers.

Based on her social media activity, Gabby doesn’t appear to be part of The Challenge Season 37, as production usually confiscates cast member’s phones before filming begins. So it would seem she’s not on the next season of MTV’s show. Still, one shouldn’t count out Gabby taking at least a season off before deciding to return.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date on MTV is TBA in 2021.

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