Who is Gabby Allen from The Challenge dating? Boyfriend Brandon Myers comes up at Double Agents reunion

brandon myers and gabby allen together
The Challenge’s Gabby Allen gets a kiss from boyfriend Brandon Myers. Pic credit: @gabbyallen/Instagram

During the first part of The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, many cast members from the past season appeared to discuss what went down during Season 36.

That included rookie Gabby Allen, who made it relatively far in the season and also had a bit of a romance in the house with castmate Fessy Shafaat.

However, when their situation came up during the reunion special, Fessy threw a bit of shade towards Gabby’s current boyfriend, bringing some shocked expressions from castmates. So who is Gabby Allen from The Challenge dating exactly?

Gabby Allen currently dating Brandon Myers

When it comes to The Challenge: Double Agents stars using social media to dish about the show, Gabby is definitely one who shies away from that. However, she’s into fitness and often shows off videos or images about her healthy lifestyle on her Instagram account.

Some of her workout videos have included boyfriend Brandon Myers, who is also in fantastic shape himself. In addition to the videos, Gabby has posted photos of them together here or there, including one on April 12.

“Peas in a pod,” Gabby wrote on a caption for her IG photo with Brandon planting a kiss on her cheek. The couple apparently enjoyed some time together in Maldives earlier this month.

Based on a Mirror report, Gabby and Brandon started dating in January 2020 and became Instagram official by August of that year. Gabby, a former Love Island UK star, is 29 years old, while Brandon is four years younger than her. He’s also big into fitness and frequently shows off his physique on his official Instagram. Brandon also shares a few photos of himself with Gabby here or there.

Before Brandon, Gabby was linked to Marcel Somerville from the UK hip-hop group Blazing Squad. She and Marcel became a couple as they were castmates together on UK’s Love Island in 2017. According to Cosmopolitan’s 2018 article, things ended after 10 months of dating when Marcel allegedly cheated on Gabby during their trip to Mexico.

However, Gabby now appears quite happy with Brandon Myers, a former star of Ex on the Beach. That said, Fessy’s remark during the Double Agents reunion special seemed a bit salty on his part as he and Gabby never linked up after The Challenge season.

Fessy and Gabby’s situation discussed at Double Agents reunion

While Fessy was in the studio with other castmates for The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, Gabby appeared live through videoconferencing to speak about the season.

The big topic that came up was her and Fessy’s flirtatious relationship during their time in The Challenge house. They put a spotlight on the two castmates flirting and smooching, which was all shown during the episode.

At the reunion, Gabby admitted at first, it seems Fessy can come off as “egotistical and arrogant” because he’s a big guy. In reality, she said she thinks he’s just shy, and once she got to know him a bit better, she liked him more.

Fessy explained he found Gabby attractive and was trying to get to know her better, but other cast members were suspicious of his intentions since she was working with another alliance. That even led to an argument between Gabby and her then-teammate Devin Walker during an episode.

During the reunion, Fessy said he and Gabby didn’t really get to talk and know each other until around the last few weeks together on The Challenge.

The Double Agents reunion host Vernon Davis brought up how Gabby said once she was eliminated, she told Fessy she’d see him after the show. Fessy said they never hooked up after the show, though.

“He was in Turkey with Tori,” Gabby shared during the reunion, alluding to Fessy vacationing with castmate Tori Deal, someone else he had a romantic interest in. She then admitted she was joking with that comment.

Fessy said he called Gabby after getting his phone back from production to see how she was doing, but that was really the only contact they had after filming ended.

Fessy called Gabby’s boyfriend ‘half a man’ during reunion

Gabby brought up they don’t live in the same country, and they didn’t talk too much in The Challenge house, so there wasn’t going to be this “massive blossoming relationship.” Host Vernon Davis said they could still give it a try.

“She has a whole man,” castmate Aneesa Ferreira told Davis, referring to Gabby’s boyfriend, Brandon Myers.

“Well, he’s not a whole man. He’s like a half a man,” Fessy added, possibly trying to make a sarcastic joke. That drew some gasps with castmates dropping their jaws at the remark, and Davis asked Fessy to elaborate on what he said.

“Ok, well he’s [expletive] short as [expletive],” Fessy said in censored comments during the episode.

Fessy agreed they lived in different countries, which made it tough. Gabby defended her current boyfriend after a castmate said she needed to speak up for him.

“Fessy compared to anyone is half a man,” Gabby fired back at the reunion, adding, “Nobody knows my boyfriend there, and like, you know, whatever he has to say about him he is not half a man. He’s a f**king epic person.”

Fessy may need to watch out for Gabby’s wrath, or even her boyfriend’s, if they ever appear together on a future season of MTV’s The Challenge.

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