The Challenge: Double Agents reunion footage spotlights CT and Big T’s partnership issues

tula big t fazakerley and ct tamburello at the challenge double agents reunion special
Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Chris “CT” Tamburello at The Challenge: Double Agents reunion. Pic credit: MTV

At The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, most of the cast will be back together to discuss what went down during Season 36. That’ll include reflecting on how teammates worked together and the issues they faced.

Teammates Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazkerley will be part of the reunion as they became a fan-favorite team during the season.

However, they also had a bit of drama and turmoil when CT questioned whether or not Big T was going to help him achieve his end goal in winning the final.

Double Agents reunion footage focuses on Big T and CT

Many Season 36 teammates will be reunited during the upcoming reunion episode, but they all won’t be in the same room. CT will be in person with other cast members, while Big T will appear via videoconferencing when the Double Agents reunion airs Wednesday on MTV.

In a bit of preview footage that has made its way online ahead of the reunion, the two former teammates discuss some of the issues they had in the game.

CT seems to apologize again. He mentions that his heart was telling him one thing, while his head said something else about having Big T as his partner. Big T discusses how he was “gassing” her up, and then it seemed he didn’t want her as a partner. CT tells her that wasn’t true, though.

“My heart was like, ‘I’m all about our team because we have great chemistry. We’re proving everybody wrong,’ and then in my head, I was thinking, ‘You know what, though? The final’s a whole different animal,’” CT shared during the clip.

Big T admitted that she felt CT helped her a lot this season due to being “caring,” and his mentorship as an experienced Challenge competitor was a major boost.

“He walked me through things which were my biggest fears,” she shared. That included her fear of heights, which came into play during several daily missions they faced together.

CT and Big T had ups and downs on Season 36

For CT, it was another big season in his Challenge career, while Big T had her breakout season. The two originally became teammates by default after Big T lost her partner, rookie Joseph Allen, at an elimination. At the time, CT was a Rogue Agent after losing his partner, Ashley Mitchell, in a prior episode.

They worked well together, as the veteran CT encouraged Big T more than he’d encouraged his partners on previous Challenge seasons. The duo won a daily challenge in Episode 5 to become the Double Agents power team and continued to make their way through the game, surviving eliminations.

Their issues came in Double Agents Episode 12 due to CT’s brash move. After winning another daily challenge, CT opted to put himself into elimination against Josh Martinez. Once CT won the elimination, he went on a rather immature rant at The Crater and chose to steal Kam Williams as his new teammate, leaving Big T hurt.

She’d later try to talk things out with him at a campfire at the house, but that failed as CT wasn’t listening or offering much of an apology. However, once Big T’s new partner Cory Wharton won his Gold Skull in elimination, he decided to steal Kam, and CT became Big T’s partner again.

CT continued to mentor Big T, even training her for Hall Brawl. Soon after, Big T won her first-ever Challenge elimination by defeating veteran Aneesa Ferreira in Episode 15’s Fire Escape. However, she’d lose an episode later to Amber Borzotra in a Hall Brawl, ending her time on the season.

CT would become a Rogue Agent again and soon became teammates with Amber for the Double Agents final. He benefitted from Amber’s athletic background, as her running endurance helped them outpace other teams at the final. CT handled most of the puzzles and math and coaching Amber through other parts of the final.

Ultimately, they worked well together. The veteran CT won his fourth final, but unfortunately for Big T, she wasn’t part of that $900,000 winning partnership.

Nonetheless, it appears based on the clip that CT and Big T may still be on good terms even after the season filming has ended. Thanks to CT’s help and her own development in Season 36, Big T will certainly be a competitor to watch in future seasons.

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion airs Wednesday, April 28 at 8/7c on MTV.

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