The Challenge’s Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett star in Dr. Pepper commercials for Double Agents reunion

The Challenge stars Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett appear in several new Dr. Pepper advertisements. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents reunion special, three of the stars of Season 36 have popped up in new advertisements for the Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar beverage.

The commercials talk about things that are worth the wait including the upcoming reunion episode for the MTV reality competition series.

Starring in the ads is none other than Devin Walker, Leroy Garrett, and Kam Williams, who all will appear at the Double Agents reunion to talk about their past season.

Double Agents stars Leroy, Kam, and Devin in new Dr. Pepper ads

With TJ Lavin’s final completed, an upcoming episode will reunite most of the Double Agents cast together to talk about their past season including the tough battles and drama that came along with it.

Three of the stars of the season were Devin Walker, Kam Williams, and Leroy Garrett. Devin tried to get rid of the Big Brother alliance and provided humorous commentary or moments throughout the season. He didn’t quite make it to the final, but it seems like he could be developing into a more savvy and strategic competitor.

Meanwhile, his costars Kam and Leroy were among the eight competitors that made it to the final in Iceland. Before the season’s episodes airing, Leroy announced it would be his final season of the show. He ended up finishing third but still revealed he was happy with his Challenge journey and the memories he made over the years. In particular, he said meeting Kam during his time on the show was a major highlight.

Just recently, Leroy shared a look at one of the Dr. Pepsi ads that features himself along with Devin and Kam. Each of The Challenge stars is trying to enjoy an activity or food with the message being things that are “worth the wait.” That includes the Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar drink.

Kam becoming top competitor on The Challenge

While her boyfriend Leroy finished in third place alongside teammate Nany Gonzalez, Kam Williams was in second place with her teammate Cory Wharton. They received a $100,000 prize for being runner-up team to Double Agents winners, Chris “CT” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra.

Kam has easily shown herself to be amongst the best in the game, based on her impressive Challenge resume. She’s appeared in just five seasons but has been to three finals. With Double Agents, Kam won her first prize money since appearing on the competition series.

She’s also 8-2 in eliminations, easily making her one of the top competitors in that aspect of the game. Based on these early stats and her strategic abilities, it seems only a matter of time before she wins it all on The Challenge. Several fellow Challenge stars recently named her among the top female Challenge competitors on MTV’s series.

“The @challengemtv reunion is almost here ! #ad We had so much fun filming this commercial for @drpepper Zero Sugar,” Kam said in her Instagram caption as she shared another of the Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar ads (below).

Kam and Leroy will appear together in person as part of the upcoming Double Agents reunion, as will Devin Walker. Other cast members who will be part of the event include Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, Tori Deal, Nelson Thomas, and the Double Agents winners, CT and Amber. Some will appear in person, while others will check in through videoconferencing.

Fans will soon be able to kick back and enjoy all the reflections and revelations about Season 36. The new Dr. Pepper ads will most likely pop up during the reunion when it airs on MTV, starting with Part 1 on Wednesday, April 28.

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion airs Wednesday, April 28, at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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