When is The Challenge Season 37 coming out? Release timeframe revealed at reunion, latest filming update

the challenge double agents cast during daily mission
A new The Challenge season was announced for later in 2021 after Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents officially wrapped up the season with a two-part reunion special on MTV. It brought much of the cast together in studio or through videoconferencing to look back on a lot of what went down.

There was talk of a season ahead, which is good news for fans of The Challenge. It will mark the 37th season for viewers to enjoy and could bring back fan-favorite cast members to compete for big prize money.

So when is The Challenge Season 37 coming out? Here’s what is known so far based on comments at the reunion, and the latest on filming for the new season. Fair warning, that some light spoilers will follow in this report.

Will there be a Season 37? Double Agents host makes comment

The Double Agents reunion featured cast members rehashing drama, covering unaired footage, or even discussing tweets that people made away from the show. Cast members Lolo Jones and Theresa Jones even popped up, but neither was in attendance for the reunion.

Congratulations were handed out early in the two-part special to the Season 36 winners, Chris “Big T” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra. There was also a focus on Fessy Shafaat’s continuing brags about his abilities and what felt like a cast intervention to help him be more humble in the future.

Leroy Garrett also said farewell to the show and received a nice highlight reel of comments his castmates recorded on video for the reunion special. From there, Josh Martinez and Fessy gave statements to tell the rest of their castmates how much they appreciate and respect them. While that was at the tail-end of the reunion special, host Vernon Davis also mentioned Season 37 as the credits began to roll.

“Big thanks to the Challengers for hanging out. Tonight’s mission is complete. The Challenge will be back with an all-new season later this year,” Davis closed things out with.

Unfortunately, that’s all that was given out, as the official date seems yet to be announced. Even so, it lets fans know that there will be another season coming in the next part of 2021.

Filming update for The Challenge Season 37 arrives

There was big news about The Challenge Season 37 over the past several weeks involving a cast member testing positive for COVID-19. This happened as filming was underway in Croatia, which forced production to shut things down and move the rest of the cast members into quarantine.

That said, an update arrived at the official Vevmo forum thread on Wednesday, which gives some spoilers about the upcoming season. The latest comment in the Vevmo thread mentioned that filming had officially resumed in Croatia, which may be a good sign for the show coming out close to the planned date MTV had. Viewers should take that as speculation for now.

The Double Agents season officially premiered back in early December of 2020. It featured 20 episodes, including a Declassified Episode 0 which introduced the cast ahead of Episode 1.

A lot will depend on the new season format and how much time production needs to put together the episodes in time for release. For comparison’s sake, Season 35, aka Total Madness, aired from April 1 through July of 2020, and then there was about a four-month hiatus until Double Agents premiered. So it’s possible fans will have a short wait to see another MTV season.

In the meantime, The Challenge: All Stars is still available on-demand via Paramount Plus. The All Stars season has four episodes and a reunion left for the spinoff season, with new episodes arriving every Thursday.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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