Who went home on The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6? Elimination results feature intense battle for competitors

The Challenge All Stars competitors in Episode 6
The Challenge: All Stars competitors at their daily mission site for Episode 6. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6 opened with competitors arriving back home from The Arena as Alton Williams celebrated his elimination victory. The new twist had also just been revealed, with Aneesa Ferreira joining him as a teammate for a double-elimination event.

The elimination queen helped Alton win, but Aneesa had bruised up her knuckles. A bit later, footage showed her snuggling with castmate Laterrian Wallace. She referred to him as an “aggressive teddy bear” because of his sweet side.

Jemmye Carroll spoke about the double-elimination twist in a confessional, saying it adds a new element to the game, putting competitors on notice to do their best to win the daily challenges.

Daily challenge is Escape the Room, competitor freaks out

The latest All Stars daily challenge was Escape the Room, another event with competitors up above the water. This time they were inside a house-like structure and worked in teams of four. Each team’s player was at a puzzle station and had to solve a puzzle.

However, the floor panels underneath competitors would give out from left to right in the room. That meant they’d need to try to solve their puzzles quickly before falling into the water below.

The gold team was Jonna Mannion and Laterrian Wallace, with Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Ruthie Alcaide as team captains. The silver team had Jisela Delgado, Alton Williams, and then KellyAnne Judd with Darrell Taylor as captains.

The copper team featured Katie Cooley and Yes Duffy as captains with Aneesa Ferreira and Derrick Kosinski. Last but not least, the Black team had Mark Long and Kendal Sheppard as captains, joined by Nehemiah Clark and Jemmye Carroll.

Some competitors seemed to complete their puzzles, while others did not. Katie was too terrified about falling into the water, so she flipped over all her puzzle pieces and then braced herself for the fall, rather than even attempting to solve the puzzle.

darrell taylor kellyanne judd in the challenge all stars episode 6
Competitors attempt to solve puzzles before falling into the water in Escape the Room. Pic credit: Paramount+

Once all the teams had gone, TJ Lavin announced that just one player had solved the puzzle correctly. That was Big Easy, so that meant he and Ruthie were safe from elimination. TJ said the losing team was close, but it was the black team, so captains Mark and Kendal were going into elimination.

At deliberation, Katie once again spoke up and said she didn’t even try because she was preparing to fall in. So she said it was only right to send herself in. KellyAnne suggested everyone still should vote because Katie is allowed to pick one of the guys as a partner, and they may not want her as their elimination partner.

They still voted Katie in. Jemmye was irritated in her confessional that people keep volunteering for elimination in this game.

Later that night, when the cast was hanging out at the bar, Katie wore a “Queen” crown similar to Mark’s Godfather crown. Various male castmates came up to her to plead their cases about why they don’t want her to pick them for her elimination partner. Laterrian was one of the only guys who said if she called on him, he’d be ready to help her out.

Kendal and Mark did some yoga together and seemed to get on the same page about working together, despite not really connecting earlier.

Competitors battle in Pull Me Over at The Arena

At The Arena, Mark and Kendal joined host TJ Lavin on the ground level. He called Katie down as the house vote, and she got to choose a partner. Seeing the elimination consisted of ropes and that it might involve something needing strength, she chose Laterrian.

The elimination event was Pull Me Over. It involved competitors standing on stumps opposite their opponents. So it was Katie vs. Kendal and Mark vs. Laterrian. Each competitor had one end of the rope and pulled on it until it was tight. Then it became a tug-of-war, trying to pull their opponent off the log or get the rope out of their hands. The first team to score two points would win.

competitors in pull me over at the challenge all stars arena
The Challenge: All Stars competitors face off in Pull Me Over at The Arena. Pic credit: Paramount+

In the first round, Katie shocked everyone as she pulled the rope out of Kendal’s hands, giving her a win. Laterrian followed suit by getting the rope out of Mark’s hands, so they won the first round. The second round went the other way, as Mark managed to throw Laterrian off balance, causing him to fall off. Katie dropped her rope to give the round to Kendal and Mark.

In Round 3, Katie messed up and dropped her rope. It was a battle between Mark and Laterrian, but both guys were worn out from the first two rounds. The Godfather dug deep and got the win as he eventually yanked the rope out of Laterrian’s hands.

That meant Katie and Laterrian were sent home. They bid farewell to everyone else. In his confessional, Laterrian said he knows the other guys are happy he won’t be there as an opponent anymore. Katie is sad to go but happy to see her family again. She says usually she’s flipping people off but now is hugging everyone goodbye.

In a confessional, Jisela was upset that Kendal was coming back from elimination because she’s a tough opponent. Meanwhile, Aneesa talked in her confessional about maybe seeing Laterrian again after the show.

Mark and Kendal were able to put side their differences for the win. In his confessional, Mark commented that the season starts out as fun and games, but as you get closer to the finale, you need to get strategic. 

“People’s feelings may get hurt, but it’s all part of the game,” he closed the episode with.

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