The Challenge’s Jisela Delgado on All Stars Episode 6: ‘It’s time to do some damage control’

jisela delgado during the challenge all stars aftermath show
Jisela Delgado said there would be “damage control” necessary with Episode 6 of The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

When The Challenge: All Stars Episode 6 arrives, Jisela Delgado may be under the spotlight again as recent events and an in-house relationship were the focus of the previous episode.

Jisela mentioned a few things about the upcoming installment of All Stars, which could feature prominently in the next storyline. That includes a “game changer” and her “challenge boo.”

The 40-year-old OG competitor also said “it’s time to do some damage control” with regards to that sixth episode. That could mean some major drama and in-game strategy will be a heavy part of the next episode.

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Keep in mind, this report will include spoilers up through All Stars Episode 5 on Paramount Plus, including elimination winners and more.

Jisela comments about All Stars Episode 6

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 brought a lot to the table with a TJ Lavin twist and a closer look at castmates Jisela and Alton Williams getting to know each other better in the house. That seems to make them a power couple that other teams will want to watch out for.

TJ’s twist was that the eliminations would now be double-elimination events up until the final. The first of those featured the worst-performing male and female competitors, Syrus Yarbrough and Beth Stolarczyk, going against Alton’s nominated competitor. Alton was allowed to choose any female competitor from the cast as his partner, except for the winning female competitor, Kendal Sheppard, who was safe from elimination.

While Jisela is his in-house romance, Alton went with The Challenge elimination queen, Aneesa Ferreira, who helped him dominate the elimination event. That sent Syrus and Beth home and seemed to make Alton and Jisela a threat to others.

Jisela mentioned all of that and more in a recent tweet, ahead of the release of Episode 6. It seems she’ll have some more to say going forward.

“New episode is right around the corner!! Double elimination is a game changer, with my new challenge boo being a threat to others And now our bond being exposed it’s time to do some damage control. Let’s see what happens this week!” Jisela tweeted along with a photo of herself drinking water, or another beverage.

It’s unknown what the “damage control” will involve with Jisela and/or Alton, but that certainly could play into alliances, strategies, and how the next elimination goes at The Arena.

All Stars mid-season trailer revealed potential eliminations

While Alton didn’t choose his “boo” Jisela for the elimination, her time to go in at The Arena seems like it will be on the way. The All Stars midseason trailer showed off several competitors wearing helmets and seeming to be ready for a showdown.

Besides Jisela, others who appeared in the trailer looking ready for elimination events included Kendal Sheppard and Nehemiah Clark. Based on recent comments from former Challenge champion Derrick Kosinski, he and Nehemiah will have an intense moment on the way too.

For those wondering about Jisela’s elimination record, she’s been on three seasons of The Challenge but only been in one elimination. That was due to her first few seasons involving cast members voting the Road Rules star off the show.

During her third appearance, The Gauntlet 2 season, Jisela went into elimination in Episode 5 and ended up losing to Ruthie Alcaide in a Reverse Tug-O-War event. As viewers saw in the first episode of All Stars, Jisela’s re-introduction as a competitor included a clip of her elimination with host TJ Lavin calling her performance “pathetic.”

Jisela has become much more of a force in the game years later, though, so it’s going to be very interesting to see her performance in an All Stars elimination.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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