The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2 addresses Theresa Jones tweet, Lolo Jones mission complaint

lolo jones during the challenge double agents episode 8
Lolo Jones was a topic of conversation briefly at The Challenge: Double Agents reunion. Pic credit: MTV

During The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2, it got heated as castmates rehashed some of the major drama from Season 36.

However, a few castmates were brought up that weren’t even part of the reunion special. While many cast members appeared in the studio or via videoconferencing, others weren’t part of the special.

Among those absent were veteran competitor Theresa Jones and rookie Lolo Jones, who were featured in some key storylines presented during Double Agents episodes. Even without them there, cast members still spoke on the topics that host Vernon Davis brought up.

Double Agents reunion brings up Lolo Jones briefly

During Double Agents season, Lolo Jones looked like she might be one of the tougher rookies to get rid of. However, she ended up leaving the house by her own decision late in the season. She felt she wasn’t getting an opportunity to compete for her Gold Skull and wanted to train for the Winter Olympics instead of being in the house.

Lolo tweeted after her exit from the show aired that she’d been forced to quit Double Agents. She also claimed one of the daily challenges was “rigged,” which allowed a certain team to win.

The reunion on MTV didn’t cover that in any form whatsoever. Instead, they focused on an intense incident during the season that involved Lolo and her castmate Aneesa Ferreira.

In Double Agents Episode 8, the competitors were involved in All Brawl, a daily challenge where they competed in groups trying to find a relic in muddy water. The first agent to retrieve that relic and get it to the finish line would win. During the challenge, Lolo felt Aneesa grabbed her around the neck from behind and was choking her. Things got heated, as Lolo called Aneesa out during the episode, talking about a possible fight.

They patched things up later in a conversation shown as part of the episode. However, it was brought up again during the reunion in replayed footage, with Lolo not there to speak about it. Host Vernon Davis asked Aneesa’s thoughts about Lolo thinking she was playing dirty.

“I wasn’t playing dirty, but it was called All Brawl. It wasn’t called ‘Nicely Play in the Mud and Find This Relic,'” Aneesa said.

“It was called ‘Bust that B***h’s ass and Get the Relic and Get Safety.’ I didn’t hear anything else in there. Like, if you’re not ready to get dirty, this isn’t the game for you,” Aneesa added.

Interestingly, that’s all the screentime Lolo Jones was given. The reunion also featured Nam Vo, who was Lolo’s partner through most of the season. Nam appeared via videoconferencing, but there was no discussion of his and Lolo’s issues working together on Double Agents.

Theresa Jones’ tweet gets cast reactions on the reunion

The reunion had segments where agents were “compromised” as an alarm sounded and green lights flashed in the studio. It basically meant they focused on a certain situation that happened between castmates on or off-screen.

Theresa Jones’ photo popped up on the monitor, and host Vernon Davis brought up Theresa’s tweet about her castmates this season. A screenshot of Theresa’s original tweet was shown during the reunion (below).

“Yeah can’t say anyone in that house had Jaz entertainment capabilities… still neat to go back & see the change tho- game is much more intense- but yeah our toddlers at home are farrrr more entertaining than the toddlers in that house no doubt lol,” Theresa’s tweet said.

theresa jones tweet about double agents castmates from reunion special
Theresa Jones’ tweet about Double Agents castmates shown during reunion special. Pic credit: MTV

Theresa was also not present for the reunion, even by videoconferencing, so it’s possible she had a scheduling conflict, wasn’t asked, or didn’t want to be involved in the show.

However, a few castmates didn’t hold back from speaking about her. That included Nany Gonzalez, someone who had a feud with Theresa from another Challenge season before Double Agents.

“If your toddlers are so entertaining, b***h stay home, and you got all the money, stay home. What the f**k you need a million dollars for?” Nany said, referring to how Theresa is married to an NFL player.

“Honestly, I thought coming into this season, you know, she has kids now, and she’s married. She’s been out of the game for seven years. You know, so I thought her coming in she would be just a little more mature, and she wouldn’t let the game and all the pettiness get to her. I feel like she’s worse now than she was back then,” Nany said.

It seems as if Theresa officially retired during her elimination exit speech on Double Agents. However, one should never count out any of the “retired” stars from possibly showing up on the spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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