The Challenge Season 37 rumors: Filming shut down, cast is moved into quarantine

the challenge double agents cast in iceland
Cast members for The Challenge: Double Agents on site for a daily mission in Iceland. Pic credit: MTV

For several weeks, The Challenge Season 37 rumors have indicated which cast members would be part of the follow-up season to Double Agents. There was also speculation that a few individuals had left the show.

Now it’s being reported that filming for Season 37 has been completely shut down, and the full cast had to be moved into quarantine.

The speculation arrives due to an individual testing positive for COVID-19 despite numerous regular tests to make sure cast members were healthy while filming.

The Challenge Season 37 filming shut down

The Challenge Season 37, set in Croatia, was rumored to have started filming the season’s first daily challenge within the past week. However, things soon came to an abrupt halt due to a cast member’s positive COVID-19 test.

Based on a Vevmo forum thread with updated information that arrives about the season as it is filming, they indicated to follow COVID-19 protocols, the production needed to be shut down. A tweet below from @GamerVev, a regular source of reliable details about The Challenge filming, shared the news on Monday, April 26.

An exclusive report via The Ashley Reality Roundup confirmed production was shut down for the season and that the positive test came about five days into filming.

It’s unknown which cast member tested positive, although there were rumors about several individuals who exited the show, with no clear explanation given for their departure. Cast members were apparently tested three times daily once filming was underway.

gamervev the challenge season 37 tweet
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Based on The Ashley’s report, the first daily challenge was filmed in the town of Istria, Croatia. Cast members had to free a heavy chain along with other items from a stack of large, heavy concrete blocks. Despite the event taking place outdoors, competitors were said to be “in very close contact with each other.”

An unknown source commented to The Ashley regarding the situation, indicating it was a mystery about what happened, with only one possible explanation.

“Everyone is wondering how it was possible for someone in the situation they have here to test positive,” the source said. “The only explanation is that [the person] had COVID [upon arrival] but, because it takes up to 14 days to show positive sometimes, they initially tested negative.”

As of this report, it’s unknown if any other cast or crew members for The Challenge 37 have tested positive for COVID-19.

Double Agents season filmed with protocols in Iceland

The Challenge: Double Agents, Season 36 of MTV’s reality competition series, was able to film safely in Iceland but required plenty of protocols and techniques.

In a previous interview with Variety, showrunner Emer Harkin talked about how production operated to film Season 36 safely. That involved having cast members quarantine before filming and then administering regular tests for COVID-19 to each individual.

However, Variety’s article mentioned that if any cast member tested positive for COVID-19 while filming was underway, production would shut down, and that person would have to be sent home. They would also address the individual’s exit on the show and had alternate cast members on standby as possible replacements.

The Double Agents cast was also isolated from people living in the area, with a special nightclub built as part of The Challenge house, where cast members could hang out and party. Footage showed these nights in each of the episodes during the season.

The production also used various filming techniques, making sure crew members stayed at safe distances from competitors. GoPro cameras were attached to competitors’ helmets to give further footage during daily challenges, eliminations, and the final.

Episode 19, which was the Double Agents season finale, aired on Wednesday, April 21, with two winners crowned Challenge champions and splitting $900,000 in prize money. While some cast members left the show throughout the season, they were for other reasons, with no cast members revealed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

More details are likely to arrive concerning The Challenge Season 37 including when and if production will resume for the follow up to Double Agents.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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