The Challenge Season 36, Episode 19 recap: Who won the Double Agents final?

tj lavin with competitors at the challenge double agents final
TJ Lavin addresses the remaining competitors at The Challenge: Double Agents final. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Double Agents season finale picked up with the remaining teams at their eating stations trying to finish disgusting food and drink.

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra had already won the checkpoint. Since they finished first, host TJ Lavin gave them more disgusting food to hand off to any other team.

The other teams argued about why CT and Amber should give the plate to another team. After some thought, CT gave the plate to Kam Williams and Cory Wharton before leaving with Amber.

Nany Gonzalez and Leroy Garrett finished their station next and took off running in second place.

Double Agents competitors reach third checkpoint

Checkpoint 3 featured kayaks that teams paddled across the water to retrieve puzzle pieces and then bring them by kayak to a puzzle checkpoint. CT and Amber were still first, while Leroy and Nany were behind them.

Cory and Kam finished their food and left the checkpoint with Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark still there. Fessy finally started to eat and drink a bit.

CT tried to instruct Amber on how to paddle better, but she wasn’t listening at first. Leroy also became frustrated with Nany as they were paddling, and their kayak tipped over, tossing them both into the water.

CT and Amber maintained their lead, reaching the puzzle location first.

Team is officially eliminated from Season 36 final

Fessy sat on the ground as Kaycee continued to finish the food and drink. TJ asked Fessy if he wanted to continue. He said he did, so TJ told him to get over there with his partner. Fessy finally joined in the effort but definitely wasn’t enjoying it.

Eventually, TJ informed Fessy and Kaycee they timed out. He said there was no way they’d catch the other teams so they wouldn’t be moving on. They were both frustrated by TJ’s revelation. Kaycee was crying, and Fessy comforted her. He told her, “We’re gonna win this one day.”

Fourth checkpoint features dark cave at night

Nany and Leroy managed to get to the shore as CT and Amber were still working on their puzzle. They thought they could overtake them, but it wasn’t so. Production told Amber and CT they had solved their puzzle correctly, and they took off for the next checkpoint.

Kam and Cory showed up at the puzzle-solving station, thinking they could take second place. However, Leroy and Nany solved it, then took off, leaving them behind. Kam and Cory solved it soon after.

The teams had to run to a fourth checkpoint as it was getting darker. Checkpoint 4 was in a cave area underground. The agents had to complete an equation inside a briefcase before they got to rest for the night. CT figured things out and got a fist bump from TJ.

Nany and Leroy showed up, with Kam and Cory right behind them. TJ informed everyone that Kaycee and Fessy were eliminated earlier. He eventually shut things down on the math puzzles due to time.

CT gets big choice, competitors have night of unrest

TJ told CT he finished his puzzle before anyone else, so he got to choose his partner for the rest of the final. After talking it over aloud, CT said he’d keep Amber as his partner due to her being a great runner.

The teams had to sleep inside the cave at night as it was getting colder. CT and Amber received a thermal sleeping bag. Nany and Leroy got a duvet cover, while Cory and Kam only got a wool blanket. However, they weren’t all able to sleep at once.

One teammate slept while the other stayed standing up, holding a capsule. Once it was time to switch, the competitor holding the capsule had to dip their face in a bucket of ice water before trying to sleep for a bit.

As Leroy was standing with Kam and Cory, he revealed it was his last season of The Challenge. Cory didn’t believe it. CT said he could tell all along, while Kam said that’s why they’re trying so hard to win the money.

Who won the Double Agents final?

The last leg of TJ’s final arrived in the morning. Competitors had to race up a glacier, grab pickaxes, bring them down and bust open an ice block. Inside the ice block was a capsule they’d need.

CT and Amber had a five-minute head start there. Nany and Leroy got a two-minute head start. Kam and Cory were third.

While CT and Amber took off first with their capsule, Leroy and Nany left next. Leroy felt they could take first still. Teams left the codes from inside their capsules at one spot and ran to a checkpoint to solve a puzzle using the memorized codes.

A seventh checkpoint featured a tangram puzzle to solve. CT and Amber solved it first and started their climb towards the finish. The other two teams were neck-and-neck with each other in a race for second place.

It seemed like it was close, but CT and Amber were well ahead of the rest of the competitors. In the end, they reached TJ first and captured first place to split $900,000. Cory and Kam managed to slip past Nany and Leroy for second place to split $100,000.

Leroy reminisced about 12 seasons of The Challenge and how it changed his life, including helping him find love with Kam. He also learned to face fears and was happy to reach the final in his last season with Nany as his teammate.

It marked the first Challenge win for a Big Brother star, with rookie Amber Borzotra claiming that honor. It’s also CT’s fourth Challenge win, putting him a bit closer to Johnny Bananas.

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