The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: First cast member may have left show with filming underway

the challenge double agents cast during episode 6
There are plenty of Double Agents stars ready for another run at big money in The Challenge Season 37. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 doesn’t have a name or theme that has been revealed yet. However, the cast appears to be locked in and possibly competing in daily challenges already.

Unfortunately, based on some of The Challenge Season 37 spoilers going around online, a returning fan-favorite competitor may have left the new season’s cast already. That is likely to disappoint many fans ahead of the episodes even airing.

Read on for the latest spoilers and potential speculation about which Double Agents cast member has departed along with additional details about the Season 37 cast. For those who want to be surprised when episodes air, it may be best to avoid the details below.

The Challenge Season 37 brings back Double Agents stars

Viewers will see a good amount of the Double Agents competitors return for The Challenge Season 37. Among them will be the Double Agents winners, Chris “CT” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra.

Also returning will be several other finalists. Cory Wharton, Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark are all rumored to be in the new season’s cast. So are Double Agents castmates Devin Walker, Josh Martinez, Tori Deal, and Aneesa Ferreira.

While Jay Starrett and Liv Jawando were expected back, spoilers and rumors online suggest they were dismissed from the cast ahead of filming. This was possible due to breaking quarantine protocol, personal reasons, or they were alternates that weren’t needed for the cast.

Still, the new season will bring a lot of the Double Agents cast back for another run at winning some big money. They’ll be joined by rookie competitors from shows including US and international editions of Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island, and The Circle.

It has been rumored that the Season 37 theme will involve veterans teaming up with rookie competitors. So that will make it a similar format to War of the Worlds I and Fresh Meat seasons of The Challenge.

Which fan-favorite has left Season 37 already?

Based on speculation, one of the big favorites from The Challenge: Double Agents, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, has already left the new season. It’s being said online via social media and a Vevmo forum thread that this wasn’t due to a regular elimination. It’s also possible she wasn’t the first to leave, as all the details haven’t surfaced.

That raises the early speculation for why the competitor who stole many fans’ hearts on Double Agents is off Season 37 already. Other cast members were dismissed from quarantine ahead of the filming even starting. However, Big T seems to have left as the season started filming, and the first challenge of the season possibly happened.

Potential reasons for Big T leaving The Challenge could be an injury suffered in an early challenge. It’s also possible she was disqualified for fighting or broke protocol in some way which caused her dismissal.

One other possibility is that the first challenge was a purge situation. Viewers have seen these in the past seasons when competitors who didn’t perform well in an opening challenge ended up not making the cut and having to head home.

That’s unfortunate, but fans can still hold out some hope for Big T’s return if there’s one of those famous twists such as a redemption house or Ashley Mitchell Security Breach situation.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale airs Wednesday, April 28 on 8/7c.

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