The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast member released from quarantine, photo of daily mission surfaces

the challenge double agents cast at deliberation
The Challenge Season 37 spoilers have indicated a few Double Agents stars had to leave. Pic credit: MTV

More of The Challenge Season 37 spoilers have arrived, as cast members are set to begin filming. However, another of the competitors originally believed to be returning for the season is rumored to have been dismissed.

That individual was looking to stamp their name on the game after an unfortunate situation on The Challenge Season 36 aka Double Agents.

Meanwhile, an image has also popped up, which gives a glimpse of the site for what is rumored to be the competitors’ first daily mission for Season 37.

Another Season 37 cast member dismissed?

Within the past week, there were rumors about Season 37 cast member Jay Starrett. The former Survivor contestant and two-time Challenge competitor was rumored to have “broken quarantine protocol” and therefore dismissed from the eligible cast members.

It now appears that another cast member who was castmates with Jay on The Challenge: Double Agents has also been released from quarantine.

Based on insider accounts, including the Vevmo forum and @GamerVev on Instagram, Olivia “Liv” Jawando has also been dismissed from Season 37. Fans are now trying to figure out why she may have been released from quarantine. Some are even speculating that Liv had a feud going with Tori Deal that carried over from Season 36.

the challenge 37 rumors about liv jawando via ig post
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Instagram

Liv Jawando appeared as a rookie on the Double Agents season after originally being part of the UK’s Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands cast. She was teamed up with fellow rookie Mechie Harris. Unfortunately, Liv’s season was cut short during the Roadkill mission in Episode 3.

During that mission, agents had to grapple on top of a speeding semi-truck against an opponent. The objective was to throw or push your opponent off the side of the truck into a large net as quickly as possible. Liv was matched up with Tori Deal and ended up suffering an arm injury during the mission.

She’d leave to get checked out by medical professionals. Despite returning to the house in Episode 4, host TJ Lavin later revealed Liv could not continue with Season 36 due to her injury.

Photo from Season 37 daily challenge surfaces

While Jay and Liv won’t appear on Season 37, many other Challenge veterans and rookies will be. The finalized cast seems ready to start competing, too, as a photo from the set has arrived online.

The Instagram account @thechallengeoverdose shared a screenshotted image that came from Twitter (below). The original tweet claims Season 37 filming will begin tomorrow. The image shows off the rumored first daily challenge or mission of the new season, set in Vrsar, Croatia.

The photo features two large flags with The Challenge written on them blowing in the wind. In the background are square structures that contain blocks or boxes.

Just in front of it, a sign seems to give instructions for the daily mission.

“Work together to free the chain and the safe. Take both items with you,” the sign reads.

It’s unknown what the name of The Challenge Season 37 will be. It’s also unknown if competitors will work in male-female pairs again, like on Season 36 or if TJ’s final will require competitors to earn Gold Skulls to be eligible.

The above photo seems like it reveals a checkpoint, though. It’s possible competitors will have to race to get to this spot and then go on to their next location.

In Double Agents Episode 1, there were male and female heats for the first mission of the season. Aneesa Ferreira won the women’s heat, while Fessy Shafaat won the men’s heat. Aneesa had the quickest time of all competitors and got the first pick for her partner, so she chose Fessy.

All of the remaining competitors had to scramble to choose a partner. It should be interesting to see if they follow a similar format to start Season 37.

Based on the look of the flags and the sign’s instructions above involving a safe, this might be a sequel to Double Agents. The Challenge has been known to have trilogy seasons in the past, so it’s possible this could be the second installment in a three-part spy-themed series.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale airs Wednesday, April 21 on MTV at 8/7c. The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA.

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