The Challenge Season 37 rumors: Competitor dismissed from potential cast, more reality TV stars in quarantine

the challenge cast members for double agents
The Challenge Season 37 will bring back a lot of Double Agents stars, but it’s rumored one was sent home ahead of filming. Pic credit: MTV

The Double Agents final is concluding, and The Challenge Season 37 rumors are already swirling as far as which cast members could be part of the show.

Based on quarantine speculation, there were quite a few fan favorites on their way back, and also a variety of new stars set to try their luck at the competitive reality show.

However, it now appears that one popular competitor from The Challenge was kicked out of the cast ahead of potentially appearing on Season 37.

Fan-favorite leaves The Challenge Season 37 cast

Monsters & Critics previously reported on The Challenge 37 cast spoilers, as many stars were recently rumored to be in quarantine. A lot of cast members were potentially returning from the Double Agents season, such as Ashley Mitchell, Nany Gonzalez, Aneesa Ferreira, Cory Wharton, Nelson Thomas, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Devin Walker.

Several reality stars that joined The Challenge from CBS shows were also rumored to be in quarantine. That included Big Brother stars Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark, as well as Survivor star Jay Starrett. They were all on Double Agents.

The latest speculation from a Vevmo forum thread suggests that Jay had to leave the potential cast for Season 37. That’s unfortunate news as Jay was becoming a fan favorite amongst the newer Challenge stars.

Around the 8:18 mark of Reality NSFW Double Agents recap, they spoke about Jay not returning. Host Jonny Fairplay suggests it was for “breaking quarantine protocol,” although there’s no official confirmation of this yet.

Double Agents was Jay’s second season of the show. He made a name for himself on Total Madness when he was continuously sent into eliminations as a rookie. However, he won his first one against fellow rookie Asaf Goren and then shocked everyone in his second elimination by defeating one of the all-time greats, CT.

Ultimately, Jay found had his rookie season ended when he got hurt and was medically unable to continue in an elimination against Rogan O’Connor.

He came back for Double Agents and partnered with returning Challenge veteran Theresa Jones for the season. Theresa made some sneaky moves, and Jay’s association with her got him sent into elimination. He lost to veteran competitor Leroy Jones in Fire Escape, as Leroy couldn’t be outdone, even with Jay putting forth a great effort.

Other reality star Challenge rookies rumored to be in quarantine

In addition to returning stars, The Challenge Season 37 seems to have an abundance of rookie talent ready to go for the new season. That could be good or bad news based on Double Agents during which many of the rookies left the show without ever setting foot in an elimination.

Amber Borzotra did prove herself to be rookie of the year making it all the way to TJ Lavin’s final in the season. So it’s always possible some of the new competitors could impress as Amber did in her first season.

According to Vevmo’s updated forum thread, some of the potential rookies in quarantine include Love Island US 2’s Lauren Coogan, Survivor’s Michaela Bradshaw, and Warsaw Shore’s Gabor “Gabo” Szabo. Priscilla Anyabu from Love Island UK and Marco Ferri from Big Brother VIP Spain are also rumored to be in quarantine.

They join previously rumored rookies, including Kelz Dyke (Too Hot to Handle), Jeremiah White (Love Island US 2), Ed Eason (The Circle US), and Emanuel Neagu (Survivor Romania). Survivor stars Michelle Fitzgerald, Tommy Sheehan, and Wendell Holland are also part of the potential cast.

It’s unfortunate with so many Survivor contestants mentioned as possible cast members that Jay Starrett might not get to build an alliance with some of them on The Challenge Season 37.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale airs Wednesday, April 21 at 8/7c.

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