The Challenge 37 spoilers: Rumors suggest Double Agents star ‘hooking up’ with castmate during filming

the challenge double agents cast members for season 36
Cast members await their next mission on The Challenge: Double Agents Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge 37 spoilers and rumors are picking up, as Double Agents concluded not long ago, and now some of the show’s cast members are back filming for their next season.

Based on speculation, it seems one of the returning Double Agents stars may have been hooking up with a newcomer for Season 37. The cast member involved may not surprise some fans or detractors, though.

It also could mean there’s some sort of new alliance in addition to a potential blossoming relationship ready to unfold on viewers’ television screens.

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The Challenge star is part of Double Agents hookup, rumors

During The Challenge: Double Agents season, one individual grabbed a lot of spotlight throughout the various footage, and that was former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat. This was just his second season of the MTV show, but he was clearly getting himself much more attention.

He was also giving attention to several of his castmates during the season. One of the featured stories during the season involved him admitting he was attracted to Tori Deal. The veteran competitor had to address cheating rumors based on footage that arrived ahead of several episodes.

However, Tori said several times through social media and the Official Challenge Podcast that she didn’t cheat on fiance Jordan Wiseley during Season 36 filming. They broke up shortly after she got back from filming. After Fessy was done filming, apparently they explored a relationship but determined they weren’t compatible in a romantic way and remained as friends.

Also during the season, viewers saw Fessy showing interest in rookie castmate Gabby Allen. The two were featured in episodes getting to know each other, kissing and cuddling, if not more. When Gabby was eliminated later in the season, she indicated she would see Fessy after filming. Fessy also penned a note to Gabby, expressing his interest in seeing her again.

However, viewers learned at the Double Agents reunion that they didn’t do much of anything after filming. Both of them basically confirmed distance prevented that. Gabby also revealed she’s happy with her boyfriend Brandon Myers in the UK.

Season 37 brings romance with another cast member?

Move over Tori and Gabby, as Fessy may be developing something with another castmate from The Challenge. Based on an Instagram post from @GamerVev, a private MTV Challenge insider account, Fessy and a rookie competitor may have been “hooking up.”

“Fessy & Bettina Buchanan from Paradise Hotel Norge were hooking up at some point on #TheChallenge37,” the Instagram post shared on May 19. It also included photos of the two Season 37 cast members.

It’s worth noting that Tori Deal is part of the speculative cast that is filming for Season 37, while it’s rumored Gabby did not return for this season.

For now, it’s just speculation, but Fessy is single, so it seems as if he’s exploring his options with at least one cast member on Season 37. It should be interesting to see if any footage arrives once Season 37 hits MTV, or if this was a brief “hookup” situation and kept mostly quiet.

With that said, Fessy could be trying to follow in the footsteps of recently-retired Challenge star Leroy Garrett, who met the woman he now considers the love of his life, Kam Williams, during his time spent on MTV’s The Challenge.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV in 2021.

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