The Challenge star Leroy Garrett shares why he told Jordan Wiseley he should ‘never go back’ to the show

leroy garrett reveals he told jordan wiseley not to return to show
Jordan Wiseley was part of the winning team on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV

Leroy Garrett recently wrapped up his competitive career on The Challenge with Season 36, Double Agents. He announced before the season, it would be his last and confirmed it again at the reunion.

At the Double Agents reunion, he got some spotlight towards the end as a video featuring castmates’ prerecorded video messages was played for him, and Leroy expressed his love and appreciation for everyone.

Now that he’s enjoying retirement, he shared some advice he gave his fellow Challenge castmate from past seasons, Jordan Wiseley, as he explained why he shouldn’t return to the show.

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Leroy chats with Jordan about The Challenge

During an Instagram Live session, Leroy chatted with a few of his friends, including former Challenge castmate Jordan Wiseley. They last appeared together on The Challenge: War. of the Worlds 2 together. Jordan won the final that season along with three other members of Team UK, giving him his third Challenge win.

Since then, there’s been a Total Madness and Double Agents season. Jordan appeared on Total Madness but didn’t go on Double Agents, but his then-fiancee Tori Deal left to appear on the show. After filming ended, Tori and Jordan broke up. This was shortly after Tori had returned home.

Leroy was on the Double Agents season, and it became his sendoff into retirement. He called it quits after 12 seasons on the show and has started enjoying his life away from reality TV.

During his IG Live chat, recorded in a YouTube video below, Jordan and Leroy talked about being on The Challenge. Leroy mentioned he genuinely “f***s with Jordan” as a person, as he’s not necessarily just the “a*****e” that he appears to be at times on the show.

Leroy also revealed that he told Jordan not to do the show again, because of how it messes people up mentally.

“Jordan is one of the greatest people to ever bless The Challenge. I told Jordan to never go back because his life is so much sweeter without doing the show,” Leroy shared around the 16:16 mark of the video.

Even with Leroy saying that, Jordan shared what makes it hard for him to stay away from competing on the show, though.

“The hard part is they keep casting these bums and they giving away so much money,” Jordan said.

“Like I don’t want to go back, but whenever I see them, like they just gave away a half a million dollars to these old folks. Like I’d beat them,” he added.

Jordan Wisely tells Leroy MTV casted bums ?|Is he returning to The Challenge??

Basically, Leroy explained that he’s felt a lot better with where he is and is enjoying being away from the show since retiring. He mentioned seeing Jordan training on his Instagram videos or Story and that he could tell he was feeling good mentally and focused on enjoying life.

Leroy also shared some more advice with Jordan, and possibly his other castmates about the money involved with The Challenge.

“I can get money with or without you know who,” Leroy shared, mentioning they don’t need to try to win a lottery or game to make a million dollars.

“I don’t need to be eating ram testicles to make a million dollars,” he added.

Since retirement, Leroy is working at the barbershop in Houston, Texas, and getting to do something he truly enjoys. He’s also getting to spend more time with girlfriend Kam Williams, who will likely be back on The Challenge at some point.

What has Jordan been up to since The Challenge?

As mentioned, Jordan Wiseley last appeared on The Challenge: Total Madness season in 2020. That one was a rough outing for him, as he ended up sent into elimination courtesy of Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann. His opponent was rookie Fessy Shafaat in a Pole Wrestle, which Jordan lost.

That ended his season in Episode 8, just one episode after his then-fiancee Tori Deal got eliminated. He didn’t return for Season 36, Double Agents, while Tori did, and of course, things ultimately ended between them. Speculation arrived that Tori cheated on Jordan while filming Double Agents with castmate Fessy Shafaat, which Tori denied online and on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

Since then, Jordan has been training to compete in a triathlon. He frequently posts images and video updates about his training progress to let fans know how he’s progressing. According to Jordan on Leroy’s IG Live, he qualified for the USA Triathlon National Championships in August of this year.

Jordan shared that if he qualifies there, he could compete at the World Triathlon event and try to make the Olympic team.

So it seems even away from the show, Jordan is finding new ways to challenge himself physically and mentally. He’s certainly enjoying the process too. Even so, based on his comments during Leroy’s IG Live, it seems he’ll probably be back again to compete on The Challenge.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA on MTV in 2021.

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