Leroy Garrett from The Challenge: Barbershop is focus, All Stars season possible?

Leroy Garrett from The Challenge Double Agents season
Leroy Garrett from The Challenge officially retired from the show after Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

Leroy Garrett from The Challenge was featured during the Double Agents reunion, with the end of the second episode paying tribute to the veteran competitor.

Viewers and the cast were treated to a montage of Leroy highlights starting with his first appearance on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas and moving through some of his Challenge seasons.

There was also a nice collection of Double Agents cast members giving Leroy some words of wisdom, parting shots, or praise as he looks to the next chapters in his life. Those will include Leroy’s barbershop, and The Challenge: All Stars could also be on the way, but when?

Double Agents cast wished Leroy well with barbershop, future plans

In Double Agents Reunion Part 2, Leroy received an emotional sendoff from the show he appeared on for 12 seasons. He also said he was “one million percent” retired when asked about it, although not everyone thinks he can leave the show so easily. Tori Deal mentioned it’s “addictive” to be on The Challenge as a competitor.

The reunion, which aired on MTV, included a collection of video clips some of the Double Agents cast recorded with messages to Leroy. Some of them joked they didn’t believe he was done. Others talked about his impressive skills in terms of cutting hair. Leroy is also known as @RoyLeeTheBarber on Instagram and has Roy Lee’s Barbershop.

It seems he was honing his skills over many seasons of The Challenge and used his abilities to keep cast members looking fresh. That may have been what kept him around longer on some seasons, thanks to alliances or cast members wanting him to keep them looking good.

Leroy received quite a few testimonials and positive feedback from Double Agents castmates during their recorded video messages, which he could probably use in an ad for his services.

“Thanks for shaping up these guys ‘cause they were looking pretty rough this season,” Amber M joked in her video message.

“You kept me fresh with the fade all season,” Fessy Shafaat shared in his video.

“He gave me the cleanest cut. You know, when I looked in the interview, I was like, ‘Damn, Lee, you gave me the confidence. I’m on top of the world,’” Nelson Thomas said.

“Congratulations on the barbershop,” Chris “CT” Tamburello told Leroy in his video clip, adding, “Once you get that up and running, get your a** back here, because I’m gonna need a haircut soon.”

Leroy, who moved to Houston, Texas with his girlfriend and Challenge co-star Kam Williams, often provides images and videos of him working at the barbershop. In December 2020, he shared that his chair was officially open for bookings. So it seems this will become a major focus moving forward into retirement, along with his relationship with Kam, who he originally met on The Challenge.

Leroy is currently accepting bookings in Houston for people looking to get fresh fades, clean cuts, or shaves. More information is available through a Booksy page which provides prices and other details for Leroy’s services at the shop.

Will Leroy appear on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff?

“So you retiring man? Well guess what? I don’t believe you. Your a** will be back in a couple years,” Darrell Taylor said in one of the video clips played for Leroy at the reunion.

Darrell Taylor actually did double duty in terms of Challenge seasons for 2020-21 by appearing on Double Agents and then going on film as part of the All Stars cast. Aneesa Ferreira, also did both shows, spotlighting an interesting option for Challenge competitors.

Basically, competitors don’t even need to retire from the regular season of the show to be on The Challenge: All Stars. However, Leroy has announced his retirement, and it seems The Godfather Mark Long is ready for him to return on a future season.

“See ya soon @Bruce_Lee85 ?…..too soon???” Mark tweeted as the Double Agents reunion was ending.

mark long tweets leroy garrett about the challenge all stars
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

Mark and The Challenge fans see All Stars going beyond just one season on Paramount Plus. In fact, it could be many seasons if it remains popular with viewers. That would open the door for many fan favorites to return on the show and for some to possibly win their first Challenge.

“You know damn well you got to get you some gold hardware, baby,” Darrell said in his video message to Leroy at Double Agents reunion as he held up a collection of medals.

The 35-year-old Leroy could wait a few seasons or even years to make his big return on the spinoff season. However, even at 35, he’s still around the age of some of the younger All Stars cast members.

With All Stars, it could present a great opportunity for Leroy’s future return to finally capture a first Challenge win. Not only that, but he could also keep his OG castmates looking fresh with those fades and cuts.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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