The Challenge Season 38 rumors: Filming halted for upcoming season due to COVID-19

tj lavin host of the challenge spies lies and allies
The Challenge host TJ Lavin addresses the Season 37 cast members. Pic credit: MTV

Rumors are swirling online about The Challenge Season 38, which was set to start filming in Argentina. Based on a recent update from a regular source of reliable filming details, it appears much like the previous season of MTV’s show, Season 38 has halted filming for now.

The speculation arrives about a week after rookie and veteran cast members had departed for the filming location. While the season was about to start with daily challenges and eliminations, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Here are more details about Season 38 filming getting halted, but keep in mind some minor spoilers may be present in this report.

Online spoilers suggest The Challenge 38 halted

Details are currently sparse regarding The Challenge 38 rumors about filming being halted, however, a generally reliable source of spoilers about filming has provided some insight.

On Saturday, various Challenge spoiler accounts on Instagram began to post about postponed filming for The Challenge Season 38. At least one account shared a screenshot from the Vevmo forum (below) where PinkRose, an individual known for spoilers, filled people in on the situation.

An individual on the forum thread asked PinkRose what caused filming to be paused and followed it by asking if it was a “COVID outbreak again.”

“Same as All Stars 2 and 37,” Pink Rose stated in their reply, suggesting it was COVID-19.

mtvteapage suggests season 38 of the challenge filming halted
Pic credit: @mtvteapage/Instagram

As of this report, it’s unknown if any specific cast members tested positive for COVID-19 or if it was a member of the crew. It’s also still speculation, as there have been no official confirmations of the shutdown for MTV’s The Challenge Season 38.

An update via @GamerVev on Saturday afternoon suggested that the cast and crew are in quarantine with filming to resume on Tuesday, May 31.

gamervev shares details about season 38 quarantine
Pic credit: @mtvteapage/Instagram

The Challenge Season 37, All Stars 2 filming also halted for COVID-19

Both MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies (Season 37) and Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 2 had their filming schedules temporarily halted due to COVID-19.

When Spies, Lies & Allies filming halted, it caused a lengthy delay as the cast and crew went into quarantine for about 10 days. Several Season 37 cast members had COVID-19, including one rookie competitor and two veterans returning for another season. According to online rumors, at least one cast member left the show due to their health situation.

The postponement of filming may have led to Amanda Garcia not reaching the Season 37 final. Rumors suggest she’d been on location too long for filming and needed to return home for court appearances involving shared custody of her son, Avonni. Amanda went into the women’s elimination just before the final against Tori Deal and lost, ending her time on the show.

Paramount Plus’ second season of their All Stars spinoff also got halted. Monsters and Critics reported about the All Stars 2 shutdown rumors last year. Twitter spoiler account @GamerVev indicated a crew member broke COVID-19 protocol, resulting in quarantine for the cast and crew.

The Challenge Season 38 was rumored to involve an allies theme, with the working title Ride or Dies for the show. It featured male-female pairings that consisted of allies and even included some non-reality TV cast members as competitors. Among them were cast members’ boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives, family members, or good friends.

In the past several weeks, Season 38 spoilers showed which veteran cast members were part of the season. Additionally, spoilers also revealed the names of the rookie competitors joining Season 38.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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