The Challenge Season 37 rookie blasts Amanda Garcia for reunion segment

amanda garcia at the challenge season 37
Amanda Garcia appeared at The Challenge Season 37 reunion and didn’t hold back. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 37 reunion arrived, only a handful of the rookie class was on hand to give their thoughts on the past season and various drama.

Rookie Corey Lay, who got eliminated alongside Michele Fitzgerald, wasn’t there for the event, although Michele was in attendance.

As the two-hour episode aired, Corey reacted to a segment involving his former teammate, who Amanda Garcia confronted at the reunion.

The Challenge’s Corey Lay reacts to Amanda vs. Michele

MTV aired The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies reunion on Wednesday, December 22, and part of the show focused on the various showmances in the house.

That included a heated exchange involving former “friends” Amanda and Michele Fitzgerald. That was due to what Amanda felt was Michele lying to her about her involvement with Fessy after they finished filming Season 37.

Amanda claimed that Michele initially told her that she and Fessy only kissed during an encounter, but Amanda said she discovered otherwise and didn’t like Michele lying to her. She said she felt Michele was fake, so that’s why she confronted her online and at the reunion.

As the episode aired, Michele’s former teammate Corey Lay called out Amanda, suggesting she needs to “grow the f**k up” over the situation.

“Michele > Amanda any day of the f*****g week,” Corey said in one tweet.

“Like you’re mad at a single woman for something a single man did. Grow the f**k up,” Corey tweeted.

corey lay tweets about the challenge 37 reunion
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

In a tweet the next day, Corey shared a photo of himself hugging Michele during a scene from The Challenge Season 37, showing his support.

“Michele appreciation post! @meeshfitz Can’t wait to go to Harry Potter World with you next year. You can show me around since you went earlier this year,” Corey tweeted.

The Harry Potter World reference arrived after Michele said during the reunion that she and Fessy met up in Florida after filming The Challenge to check out the theme park. That drew laughs from castmates at the reunion since the theme park got mentioned in the discussion of all the Fessy drama.

Corey suggests other castmates talking about Amanda

Corey’s tweets didn’t stop with the comments above about Amanda at the reunion. He addressed her “stans” in other tweets and said others from The Challenge can voice opinions besides Amanda.

“Just a reminder, Amanda isn’t the only one on The Challenge allowed to say how she feels about things. I literally don’t care if you’re a stan of hers and you’re popping off in my mentions. That clown can’t just do and say what she wants without consequences and reactions,” Corey tweeted.

corey lay vs amanda garcia of the challenge tweet
Pic credit: @coreylay/Twitter

Corey said he’s muted tweets from some of Amanda’s stans already and reminded everyone he would always defend Michele.

“Like you’re stupid as hell if you think this woman can just attack Michele over and over and I won’t pop up to defend her. I will always have Michele’s back,” Corey said.

corey lay tweets about amanda fans going at him on twitter
Pic credit: @coreylay/Twitter

His tweets on Wednesday night also included Corey mentioning there are other castmates in “text threads” that are “hating Amanda” for how she acts.

“I wish y’all could see every text thread I’m in with cast mates hating Amanda. Everyone is tired of her s**t. She acts like she’s 12 years old. You’ll see,” Corey tweeted out.

the challenge corey lay posts message about castmates hating amanda
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

On Thursday morning (Dec. 23), Corey was back on Twitter to respond to several fan tweets. In one, he explained he didn’t start disliking Amanda until after the season ended, and “she decided to relentlessly harass Michele.”

the challenge rookie corey lay explains why he started to dislike amanda
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

In another tweet, Corey addressed a fan calling him out for still tweeting 12 hours after The Challenge Season 37 reunion aired. Corey indicated that it’d been six months, and Amanda is still talking about Tori Deal and Michele after the season.

corey lay tweets about amanda talking about challenge castmates
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Corey, a rookie on the Spies, Lies & Allies season, was on the reality TV show 12 Dates of Christmas before joining MTV’s The Challenge.

In his rookie season, he picked up one elimination win as Michele’s teammate in the premiere episode. They’d later lose in elimination to rookie Hughie Maughan and Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra.

Amanda also picked up one elimination win, defeating Big T Fazakerley late in the season, before losing to Tori Deal right before the final.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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